LEDs explained

We have put this page together to help you understand why LED lamps are a superior choice over CFL lamps and incandscent lamps. Below is a table explaining
the main differences between the three lamps. Not only do LEDs last longer they are also much more effcient than both CFL and incandescent lamps.


 Below is our Youtube video explaining lumens and kelvin, this will help you work out what colour temperture LED you should be looking for.


CRI Colour rendoring index explained.

CRI is the value given to a light bulb to denote the quality of it's colour compared to natural daylight, the sun. The sun has a CRI of 100.

CRI is given as a value out of 100, 100 is perfect. Anything less than 90 is considered poor and will miss alot of vital colours in the spectrum.

For retail use or to light natural stone or artwork we would recommend a light source with a CRI of 90-95.

See the below image to better undertsand how a CRI can influence it's subject.


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