How Much Could You save?

Using traditional lightbulbs


If this house was fitted with low-energy & LED lamps



Saving them £657 a year on their energy bills

By converting all lamps in this house to LED or Low-energy alternatives, the average consumption could be cut by 90%. Slashing the annual cost of lighting this home by £657, to just £73 per year, saving 3,087 Watts of electricity and stopping 3.94 tonnes of carbon being needlessly released into the atmosphere.

Our LED lamps have an expected life of 25 years, meaning that in their lifetime, they could save this household £16,425!



Watch our Youtube video below which explains about LED lighting


To discuss anything in the video or to talk to us about the latest technologies and lamps to be developed then please call us.  Our phone number is 0117 9425355   Freephone 0800 180 4509

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