Why buy LED Lighting?

Posted on 2 Jan 2021.

One of the most common qustions we get asked here at Ablectrics is why are LED's the best way to go?

LED are very energy efficient – Less heat, more light, lower running cost and better for the planet.

LED's use less electricity for the same light output - 85% less electricity when compared to conventional lighting and around 18% less electricity compared to CFL low energy lamps. Worldwide, around 20% of electricity is consumed in lighting. LED lighting can make a big impact on your energy use. Savings really add up quickly in areas such as security, where lights are left on for longer periods. The average household has 24 lamp points and there is an LED alternative for nearly all of them. We strive to keep the latest technology on the shelf and keep costs down. We deal direct with multiple LED manufacturers meaning we can push for deals and ensure we always have the newest LED lighting available. From domestic to commercial LED lighting, we have it all. 

Energy savings made by using LED against other types of lamp


  Halogen Filament CFL
  50W 60W 11-15W
LED 6.5W 11.5W 11.5W
Save 87% 81% 12-23%


LED lamps last much longer than normal incandescent lamps

Typically LED lamps have a lifetime of 25 - 50,0000 hours – that is over 10 years if used for 6 hours per day. Plus, with no filament LED lamps are more robust. This will result in you saving money on replacement lamps and building maintenance. Conventional bulbs last around 2,000 hours (1-2 years) and CFL around 6,000  hours (6 years). The cost of LED has dropped over the last few years leading to substantial reduction of the payback period to a few months for most lamps.

Save Now - Using 400 Watts in one room? replace with only 52 Watts of LED !

Gone are the days when a room was lit with just a single 60W lamp. In living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens - they have been replaced with 8 or more spotlights. Each spotlight could be 35W or 50W (Halogen) - leading to a power usage of up to 400W. With retrofit LED lamps, the energy used is lowered to just 52W (6.5W per lamp), for the same amount of light. With energy prices seemingly only going up - it makes sense to switch to LED.

The biggest savings are seen when LED replaces Halogen or conventional lighting.

If we take a typical example of eight 50W GU10 Halogen spotlights in a kitchen - Retrofit GU10 LED lamps can be installed in a matter of minutes (See our equivalent LED range to find the right replacment)





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