What is Light Pollution?

Posted on 29 Aug 2019.

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What is Light Pollution?

Most of us are familiar with air, water, and land pollution, but did you know that light can also be a pollutant? The inappropriate or excessive use of artificial light – known as light pollution – can have serious environmental consequences for humans, wildlife, and our climate.

Components of light pollution include:

-Glare – excessive brightness that causes visual discomfort.

-Skyglow – brightening of the night sky over inhabited areas, also known as upward light ratio (ULR).

-Light trespass – light falling where it is not intended.

Clutter – bright, confusing and excessive light sources.

Light pollution is a side effect of industrial civilization. Its sources include building exterior and interior lighting, advertising, commercial properties, offices, factories, street lights, and illuminated sporting venues. The fact is that much of the outdoor lighting used at night is inefficient, overly bright, poorly targeted, improperly shielded, and, in many cases, completely unnecessary. This light, and the electricity used to create it, is being wasted by spilling it into the sky, rather than focusing it on to the actual objects.

Modern society requires outdoor lighting for a variety of needs, including safety and commerce. The Institute of Lighting Engineers recognises this but advocates that any required lighting be used wisely. To minimise the harmful effects of light pollution, lighting should: Only be on when needed / Only light the area that needs it/Be no brighter than necessary/ Minimise blue light emissions Be fully shielded (pointing downward) The transition from sodium to LED exterior lighting over recent years appears to have made global light pollution worse not better, scientists have reported.The findings are certain to increase the pressure on the lighting industry to take light pollution seriously and improve the optics and upward light control.

BELL LED Asymmetric Floodlights minimise light pollution. Skyline Pro Asymmetric floodlights have been designed and developed to meet the strict requirements for a range of sports and area lighting applications. Specifically designed to control obtrusive light, a precision lensing system ensures a tight beam pattern, reducing overspill upwards light and directing light only where it is needed. BELL lighting is constantly striving towards reducing light skyglow (ULR), and the Skyline Pro Floodlight is at the forefront of this pollution reducing technology


Shine powerful light exactly where you need it with the Precision Pro Industrial Floodlight from Integral LED. These super-tough, super-efficient floodlights utilise up to sixteen banks of LEDs, with skilfully engineered lenses that individually focus each LED, allowing some models to project asymmetrical beam angles that evenly illuminate a specific area. Ideal for professional applications such as community sporting facilities, tennis courts, football pitches, car parks, walkways, retail and industrial estates.




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