What is the best outdoor lighting?

Posted on 4 May 2019.

We are often asked what is the best way to light a garden, in particular seating areas, BBQs and more recently outdoor cinemas. Well in short no two gardens are the same so therefore it is difficult to recommend just one product. That being said festoon lighting is a great lighting solution and works in so many gardens and outdoor spaces.

We sell pre made kits but we also sell bespoke made to measure festoon kits. This is very popular and we get amazing feedback from everyone who has brought it from us.

Made to measure festoon lighting

So the way this works is you measure from the power source ( your outdoor socket ) and you work out where you want the lights to begin. So the socket may be 5 metres from the start of the lights, that fine measure this and let us know. Then measure the total length of lighting needed. A great and easy way to do this is to use a cheap ball of string and run this around the garden where the lighting will live. Then measure the string. Finnaly the number of actual lamps. You can have them every 500mm or every 1000mm spaced out along the festoon. The holders are IP44 and take an E27 lamp. We can even supply you an RCD plug on the kit to make it even safer.

The festoon we supply is the best available. The cable is rubberised and UV rated meaning the sun will not harm it. There are many cheaper sets online that are not meant to be left up all year round in the sun so please be careful what you buy.

Outdoor LED lights suitable for festoon

We have some very cool decorative LED lamps that are fine to go outside and will work in a festoon lighting set. We can do you a great deal on a festoon set and LED lamp package. To find out more about our festoon lighting and to get in touch with us please follow the below link.


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