Want Brightness?? Verbatim 600* Lumen LED GU10 is here

Posted on 23 Dec 2014.

At last they're here, These new Verbatim LED GU10s are as bright (if not brighter) than a 12v 50w Halogen.
To put it in perspective a 240v 50w GU10 creates around the 420 lumen mark which has been achieved for some while now, where as a 12v 50w MR16 creates 600+ lumens. Verbatim has decided to push its new LED GU10 to 590 lumens on their warm white and a massive 660 lumens on its cool white all from 8.5 watts.
This means converting over from a 12 volt system to a 240 volt system without losing any brightness is possible, you will need to have some basic electronic skills/understanding to under take this job however we always recommend seeking professional help by getting an electrician in.

Here's the information on this super bright LED...
A high performance GU10s spot LED with single focus diamond cut optics for perfect beam control and minimal glare. It uses a special heat-sink designed by Mitsubishi Chemical which provides exceptional thermal management resulting in high lumen output and long-term reliability. Its chip on board (COB) LED technology enhances thermal resistance, delivering a better lighting effect and high light efficacy. The lamp bestows all the energy saving benefits of LED lighting together with consistent and reliable colour uniformity.

Dimmability we have found this lamp to work best on a varilight vpro dimmer.

Ideal for general lighting in public areas such as reception, corridors, lobbies, conference rooms and other areas where bright light is required for long periods.

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