Underfloor Heating Specialist Bristol

Posted on 14 Dec 2021.

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Underfloor Heating Specialist Bristol

Underfloor heating can be installed many types of flooring including ceramic, porcelain, slate and natural stone tiles. When using laminate, engineered timber or vinyl floors a self-levelling compound should be used. We recomment the Emat pro, this mat has a self-adhesive fibre glass backing mesh with a pre-attached ultra-thin twin conductor 3mm heating cable, ensuring minimal increase to the existing floor height. The function of the matting system is to provide a warm floor. Superior product design ensures a speedy installation with an even heat across the complete floor surface, whilst allowing unlimited adjustment of the heating element to suit irregular formats. Available in outputs of 100, 150 through our website or 200W/m2 can be ordered(please contact us for pricing). We have a small working display in our showroom including a working thermostat

eMat Pro

Emat Advantanges

The heating cables are attached to a strong durable nylon mesh with a highly sticky backing, this enables a quick and secure installation avoiding the mat floating or moving in the tile adhesive. This complete mesh adhesive results in a far superior adhesion to the floor unlike the poor quality equivalents which generally have two or three self-adhesive tapes and struggle to grip effectively resulting in a poor installation. The eMat heating cables are stitched to the durable backing mesh with a special heat resistant thread ensuring the element spacing remain uniform and therefore providing a guaranteed even distribution of heat. This eliminates the opportunity for cold spots which is a common problem with lesser quality products.


Timber based Floors requires the emat100 


Concrete based floors would use the emat150







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