Tiffany Lighting by Interiors 1900 - Masterpieces of design and Decorative Lighting

Posted on 28 Oct 2014.

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Each of Interiors 1900 Tiffany Lamps is hand made using only the highest quality Art-Glass. The glass itself is hand crafted with the craftsman mixing glass colours whilst molten. Using this technique means that each panel of glass is unique and the variations of colour and texture give ‘life’ to the glass. Depending on the design the glass can be textured or finished with a variety of techniques such as adding iridescence to the glass. Each shade starts out as an artists drawing. A prototype new shade is built up freehand. This is used to make a plaster impression of the shade which becomes a pattern or mould to lay out glass during production. Each lamp uses a variety of different types of glass. Glass is carefully chosen over a lamp to see how the end result will be lit and unlit.Each piece of the lamp shade is carefully cut from the appropriate glass by hand and checked. The glass pieces are then ground to remove sharp edges and have copper foil wrapped around each edge. Only the best solder, giving the most perfect edge, is used for Interiors 1900 shades. With all the cutting and foiling finished, the pieces are placed onto the plaster mould which resembles a 3D jigsaw. Extra care is taken with interiors 1900 lamps by building the shade in stages to ensure the pattern remains perfect. The pieces are soldered together in sections as the lamp is built up. Once all the glass pieces are in place the shade is taken from the mould and soldered again on the outside to add strength and create an attractive finish. The lamp shade is the washed and dried and all the fresh solder is patinated to give it the desirable dull grey colour. Production is checked by rigorous QC staff throughout every step so any problems can be rectified at an early stage. Before packing, each shade is given a final thorough check over a lamp to ensure the pattern is correct, all soldering is of the highest quality and every piece of glass is in perfect condition. Many of our shades contain hundreds of pieces of individual glass. To cut, foil, solder and finish each shade takes many man hours with some shades taking more than a day to complete! This careful skilled construction coupled with the quality of the art-glass used ensures that each Interiors 1900 in perfect condition.

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