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Posted on 15 Jul 2022.


Ablectrics are a Renewable Energy Specialist in Bristol

We are working with Market Leaders such as Projectcürv and SunSynk to provide renewable energy options for domestic use to achieve enormous energy savings. With the current spiralling energy costs there has never been a better time to look to renewable energy systems to decrease costly electric and gas bills. There are many ways of achieving this but we have put below the best retrofit options for you:

Integrated Roof Tile

Solar Panels

The new generation of solar panels, bringing solar energy into your home with stylish, lightweight roof tiles.

This revolutionary new solar solution was designed by installers, for installers. This means you can be confident in achieving a fantastic looking solar roof that’s robust, built to withstand the elements, and last.

IRTs work through a clever inter-locking panel system, which delivers a sleek contemporary look, and fast, easy installation.



Long term savings

Easy to install innovative interlocking system

Lightweight with sleek design

No clips, clamps, brackets or plastic

Roof tile effect

Robust, High performing

Exceptional protection against the elements

See long term savings on electricity bills

Fire-rated to Broof (t4) standard (highest possible European fire rating for roofs)

30-year warranty

curv air-sourced hot water cylinder

Air Sourced Hot Water Cylinder

For heating your water alongside infrared technology or GCH, opt for this sleek, smart electric powered hot water cylinder.

They’ve thought of everything at Projectcürv, so even their water heating cylinder looks stylish and contemporary, complementing its many high performance features.

This alternative solution to heating your water is proven to save money and it can be installed by a regular plumber or electrician– no need for costly specialist support and maintenance.



Reduced Energy Bills

Fast heat up time

Range of modes to work around your life including holiday, eco and boost

High performance guaranteed under a five year warranty

Easy to install by any plumber or electrician

Powered by electric, significantly reducing emissions

ERP rating A+

Reduces energy bills


3.6kW ECCO.png

3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

Reduce your electricity costs by managing power from various energy sources, including solar panels, batteries, the national electricity grid, a generator or even a wind turbine – all with a SunSynk Hybrid Inverter.

It’s ideal for home and business and scalable so that you can expand it as required.

Start with UPS backup power (with batteries and inverter only) and add panels later;
Start with Grid-tied (with panels and inverter only) and add batteries later;
Install a complete Hybrid system including batteries and solar panels which can be expanded; or
Go totally off the grid with a completely independent system.

Ideal for powering TVs, decoders, computer equipment and appliances that consume more energy such as fridges, microwaves, washing machines, dishwashers, kettles and toasters.

CATL Battery.png

Lithium Batteries

Sunsynk have produced a perfect storage solution.

The module consists of Lithium ferro phosphate rechargeable batteries with 5.12kWh capacity rated at 51.2V 100Ah with a built-in battery management system.

The battery can be expected to remain serviceable for more than 10 years and this takes into consideration that it is charged and discharged once per day at room temperature (25°C).
Lithium ferro phosphate batteries provide excellent thermal stability and storage. The module also incorporates a self-monitoring function for the detection of any abnormalities in power storage.

Eva phone black

Electric Vehicle Chargers


The demand for Electric Vehicles is growing with the trend set to continue as petrol and diesel vehicles are gradually phased out.

Legislation to ensure all new buildings, both residential and non-residential have smart electric charging points installed is on its way.

As an innovator in EV charging points, we lead the market with smart, high performing, and aesthetically appealing units for homes, businesses, and commercial premises, for single cars or fleets.


Top of the Range Smart Technology

Floor or wall mounted

Full electric and temperature protection

Compact design

Tested to European standards, with OCPP v1.6 open charge point protocol

Controlled through the Project EV app

5-year warranty


These are just a few examples of the products and solutions we can offer to make your home or business more efficient and reduce both costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Please contact us in store (33 Zetland Road, BS6 7AH), by phone (0117 9425355) or email ([email protected])

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