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Posted on 5 Jul 2019.

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Outdoor heating supplier. The longer evenings during the summer months brings more people outside into their garden but being England we still can't guarantee it's going to be warm, here at Ablectrics we have a large range of outdoor heaters to suit your needs. Wall or freestanding electric patio heaters are available and are a safe, economical and convenient way to heat your outdoor space. The heat Outdoors Shadow low Glare wall mounted is for the more subtle heating experience. Beautifully designed and built this exclusive range of high end heaters not only add heat to your patio or outdoor area, but also a distinct warm ambience without glaring bright lamps. This heater has various models including bluetooth controlled so you can adjust the temperature(or just switch off) without having to move. So make the most out of your garden this summer and add some heat to make it more comfortable as the evenings get cooler.

Commerical external heating
If your'e looking for heating for commercial applications (pub/restaurant gardens, or roof terraces) then the Tansun Rio or Sorrento models are the ideal solution and we can supply Time delay switches(including IP rated ones) to keep control of how long the heater is on for. This can be fitted outside and are an easy way for your customers to bring on the heating themselves. Our lighting designer has incorporated many if these heaters when providing our customers with their designs, we also have the Wiska range of outdoor connector boxes and glands to keep your joins safe.

We can aslo supply replacement elements for your outdoor electric heaters. If you need a new one or just want a couple spare please give us a call and we will get you the best price.
You can view outdoor heaters on our new loo website by following the link below:


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