Latest Designer Lighting Trends

Posted on 9 Aug 2019.

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The Trend & Vintage lighting collection by Eglo offers exciting novelties again, Whether living room or kitchen, design your home with the latest modern and minimalist luminaires to create your own feel-good atmosphere.

Vintage meets Trend
Inspired by different styles, designers have expanded our product range and designed numerous novelties. The highlights include industrial look and fabric style. In addition, wire- and grid-look luminaires have grown by several pieces. You can choose between extraordinary luminaires in different materials like steel, wood or fabric, the fancy accessory in each room. Some of the new ranges can be view by following the links below

Retro is classy
Along with the Trend & Vintage assortment, not only retro lovers start shining with LED decorative light bulbs. Combining latest technology with traditional look, LED technology offers all advantages like 80% electricity savings. Bathe your home in warm soft light and protect the environment at the same time. You can view our LED ranges on the links below:



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