Garden Lighting Inspiration

Posted on 23 Mar 2021.

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Garden Lighting Inspiration

Garden lighting ideas making you dream of long warm evenings spent in your outdoor space, We have the lights to create a cosy nook on your patio to lighting up your outdoor living or dining space. We have the stylish, effective and budget-friendly looks for everyone, stuck for ideas? Our award winning Lighting designer can help, contact us for an appointment.

bespoke festoon lighting. Made to measure. There are lots of applications where a festoon lighting set would be ideal. Lighting a pergola, an outdoor dinning table, a large tree. But the coolest use of our festoon has to be the outdoor home cinema. You can buy a cheap projector and screen online. All you need is a warm evening and a blanket and your set. Festoon lights are the perfect way to light your outdoor cinema in style. Just send us the measurements and we can make the set to size for you.


Another way keep warm during the film is patio heaters. Free standing or wall mounted being available means they can be moved to suit you or just out of the way. Outdoor dimmer switches and a huge range of outdoor wiring accessories including usb sockets can control the lighting and any power requirements you have. All these items can be viewed in our showroom and can be brought online.


Security and Task Lighting
    An inportant aspect of external lighting is the security and task lighting. These lights are positioned to cover dark areas of improtance to deter unwanted intrusions, increase visability and ease of access and exit. These lights have many different styles but the most common is the ' LED Flood Light'. We strongly recommend the Collingwood FL range, available with and without PIR sensors, with Colour Controlled Temperature (CCT) you can switch the colour of the light between 3000k, 4000k and 6500k. These lights also have a changable mounting bracket which is fantastic for allowing you to position the light into the exact area you want it. Backed up with a 3 year guarantee for peace of mind these lights follow Collingwood's famed reliability. We have a great selection of these on display in our Bristol showroom, or you can view them online now.



Path Lights and Wall Wash

Marking pathways can be done in a variety of ways. Bollards, walkover lights or LED edge lights. These different styles allow for practicality of seeing where to go for safety reasons or to spice up your garden with ambient lighting and highlighting features or plants.

Highlighting –This is a technique that is used to accent a specific feature of your garden. You can use more than one light for large trees, but simply angle the light at the object to create this lighting style using spike lights

Shadowing and silhouetting – Shadowing is when a light is placed in front of an object in a way that places a shadow on the wall. It is often used to create an eerie atmosphere in your garden while silhouetting is a lighting technique when a light is placed behind an object and faced towards an adjacent wall. The plant or statue will look dark and ominous.

Moonlighting – Moonlighting is created when bright lights are positioned on high trees. This creates a downward shadow that gives your garden a natural beauty.

Path-lighting – This type of lighting is specifically designed to illuminate your garden path and make sure you can safely reach your destination.

Up-lighting and down-lighting– Also known as wall washing, the lighting is placed on the ground or above and angled upwards towards the walls or features of your garden.

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