Energy Efficient Lighting Bristol

Posted on 4 May 2022.

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Energy Efficient Lighting Bristol

We specialize in LED low energy lighting. LED lighting is the most energy efficient light source available. As technology improves, so does LED lighting. There are many benefits that come with LED lighting and these include using up to 80% less energy to run(turning 70% of the energy used into light rather than heat) compared to traditional incandescent bulbs(which are only 15% visible light), making them much cheaper to run, LED lighting is also flicker-free which helps reduce headaches & eyestrain and increases productivity.

LED Lighting Design And Fitting. LED Fitters At iRewire

LED Lighting for your Home

LED's are now available in every type of light bulb used in a home, from basic golf balls, candles and GLS's to the 12v G4 capsules. This allows for someone to retrofit your house without having to  As technology improves so do these lamps, Dimmable becomes an option(using the correct LED dimmers) allowing for even more control of your lighting. LED lamps can work with home automation meaning rooms can be set to different levels and even turned on or off without you in the house. Flexible LED tape has replaced the fluorescent under pelmet kitchen lighting which has increased the options of what you can do, Changing the colour of the white(from warm to cool) or RGB colour changing can make a room feel different depending on the usage.

How to choose and install LED garden lights

Commercial LED Lighting 

LED lighting has a number of advantages when compared to traditional halogen and fluorescent commercial lighting, including improved energy and maintenance efficiencies as well as a better-quality light, the ability to dim lighting, eliminate warm-up times and the capability of frequent switching. Furthermore, lighting in heavy industrial areas regularly has to withstand harsh environmental conditions, needing regular maintenance which is difficult and inconvenient. A lot of the commercial LED lighting is available with a sensor: By incorporating motion sensors, you can increase how efficiently you use LED lighting, this therefore will improve your annual electricity savings. Motion sensors detect movement in an area and will light up to full power. After a while, with no movement detected, the light will turn itself off, reducing energy costs.

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