Emat Pro Electric underfloor Heating

Posted on 14 Oct 2014.

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The Elements range of electric underfloor heating products offer domestic, commercial and industrial buyers a cheaper underfloor heating solution to many, but with all the benefits of more expensive electric underfloor heating brands. Bring an element of luxury to any with the eMat Pro. This self-adhesive heating mat is specifically designed for fast and efficient installation directly onto timber or concrete sub-based floors with negligible increase in floor
height. The eMat Pro’s twin conductor heating cable means there is no second tail to return to the thermostat, saving installation time and cost.

Underfloor heating systems are the perfect way to create the most comfortable living environments by eliminating drafts and cold zones. The installation of the underfloor heating directly beneath the floor surface means that you achieve quick and optimum warming, coupled with the elements eStat thermostat means that you can achieve the heating comfort you require without wasting energy.


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