Electric Heater Stockists In Bristol

Posted on 10 Jan 2020.

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Electric Heater Stockists In Bristol

Electric Heating has 2 main types, portable and fixed. Fixed includes panel heaters and nightstores while portable includes fan, convector, halogen and oil filled. All electric heaters are considered to be 100% efficient as they convert all the power consumed into heat so there is nothing wasted but some are more expensive to run than others as they give more heat.

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Fixed Heating

Panel heaters or also know as electric raidiators are wall mounted convection heaters which can be used as primary heating for a room, these heaters heat the air and have various sizes depending on room size. These are not to be confused with infrared panel heaters which heats objects as opposed to the air so you get warmer quicker. Infrared heater are more expensive to buy but more efficient.

Nightstores are so called as they store up the electricity overnight(when its cheaper) and slowly release the heat during the day, This 'off peak' consumption would need a dual tariff account to use. You have 2 settings, one for how much you store overnight and the other for how much you want during the next day, Some models have timer and boost functions for extra control.

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Portable Heating

Portable heating is exactly as it sounds as you just plug them into a socket and use them where you wish. You get 2 types which are radiant and convector, radiant gives you quick heat in a small area and are good for heating a person while convector will heat an area. Radiant heaters are halogen or fan heaters and generally do not have thermostat(to control them) while convectors and oil filled come under convector heating.

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