Conduit Lighting Specialists

Posted on 21 Oct 2019.

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Conduit Lighting Specialists 

Metal Conduit is steel round tubing (galvanised) and usually used for running cables where there is no way to hide them behind a wall. It is robust, industrial and easy to fit. It protects cable from a number of hazards and because of it's hardwearing capabilities lasts for years. This is mainly used in factories and workshops where the need for hiding the cables is not neccessary. This industrial look is popular in the home now for certain applications(usually kitchens) and we have created a range of Light fittings, batton holders and wall lights to take advantage of this. Everything we make and sell is listed online and can be delivered in 2-3 days. One of our most popular lighting options is an LED dimmer made using a galvanised conduit round surface box, suitable for all the types of LED lamps we stock.

Conduit Wall Lights

Wall Lights in the conduit range would require the conduit itself to be run either along the wall(for multiple lights) or from a centre point in the ceiling which can be achieved by bending it(a particular tool is required) and you can view how this would look on our display in our Bristol showroom. We have adjustable reading lights, adjustable GU10 spotlights and fixed decorative lights.



Conduit Pendant lights 

We can convert nearly any pre made pendant into a conduit suitable pendant but our Verdgris copper pendants are ideal for this. A range of sizes can accommodate any dining table or breakfast bar. As mentioned we can convert pendants to fit on conduit as well as offering a bespoke service for a whole system. The conduit and accessories can also be powder coated to change the finish. 

 You can also check out our sister website for a great choice of conduit and industrial lighting solutions. We design and handmake everything in Bristol and we also offer a bespoke design and build service. 

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