Commercial Adjustable Track Lighting

Posted on 23 Jul 2019.

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Mains adjustable tracking lighting. Lighting you business can be a difficult task, getting the right amount of light to show off the products your'e selling can be the difference in making the sale. Commercial track lighting is the most versatile lighting tool for galleries, exhibitions, retail and other display applications, allowing fixtures to be positioned precisely where required. Recessed, surface or suspended tracks gives you options in how you fix the system and the versatility allows for the lights to be placed anywhere along the length of the track to get the light exactly where you want it. The lights themselves rang from GU10 spots, LED spots. LED Wall Washers and track adaptors(to allow pendants to be fixed to the track). Wall washers are ideal for even illumination of vertical surfaces and displays, spots give you focused beams of light and pendants can give you a softer look to the straight lines of the track. The track itself can be fitting in many ways, a simple straight line or more elaborate shapes using angled connectors all from one power input, most of these connectors also have the capability of being the power input as well. You can view some of our track ranges from the links below:

3 Circuit Track
3 Circuit track allows you to triple the ways to light your space, 3 live inputs gives you options in how many lights you have on at a time, all on the same track. This is ideal for conference rooms/displays where the need is for different lights in different areas at different times. You can have spots on one circuit highlighting specific areas, pendants giving generally lighting on another and wall washers on the third for back ground lighting, or just have them all, or just 2, on. you can view our 3 circuit track from the link below:

We supply track from Illuma, Intalite, LED Robus, KSR, Nordlux and others. White(by far the most common) is not the only finish, black or stainless steel is also available. Need help with how much light you need? Contact our lighting designer for help planning your lights to make sure you get the best out of the design.

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