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Posted on 23 Apr 2020.

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Collingwood Lighting


One of the top brands we have been working with for a long time is Collingwood Lighting. They are a British based lighting manufacturer who specilise in Dedicated LED units (fittings where the light source is inbuilt into the unit). They manufacturer downlights and bulkhead to all kinds of garden lighting (including marker lights, post lights, wall lights and universal lights). Collingwood are renowned for their reliability, build quality and innovation. Below we will look at a few of their ranges.


Collingwood recessed downlights are known for thir reliability and ease of installation. over the years the range has been improved and expanded and now boasts an option for almost any situation. The most popular for domestic use are the H2 Lite range which includes a high lumen and also a colour switchable version. The H4 range are primarily for commercial and retail enviroments but can also be used in larger domestic dwellings.

Universal LED Lights

Collingwood make outstanding universal LED lights, contructed of Marine Grade 316 steel they can be used in the darkest and wettest enviroments. These versatile, swivel-mounted universal lights offer endless possibilities and ensures that any corner of a landscape can be lit, whether that's a pond, tree or anything in-between. These fittings come with a extended 7 year warranty for peace of mind (product registration required). There are mulitple variants of this style of fitting with different colour temperatures and blue light available.


One of Colingwood's most popular ranges are their CCT (Colour Selectable) Floodlights. These fittings allow you to select the colur temperature (3000k, 4000k or 6500k) using small dip stich on the back of the Light source. This primarily will be used when you wish to have the same asthetic fitting providing different light, for example 6500k for security in the front garden, 3000k for ambiance in the back garden. the fittings are available in 10, 20, 30 and 50 watts and boast an excellent efficiency rate of c.100lumens per watt (this will vary slightly according to colour temperature selected). The fittings are available with or without a PIR to detect movement, the PIR versions can be over ridden if you wished to have the fitting on for a long period of time.

Ground/Marker Lights

Perhaps Collingwood's best known products are their fantastic Ground/Marker lights. These are supurbly constructed for long life and come with a long warranty period. The construction is typically of 316 Marine Grade stainless steel with an IP rating of 68. This ensures that they can be used in multiple situations, indoor, outdoor, bathrooms, ponds, pools etc.. The fittings come in s variety of colour temperatures and also varying beam angles and cut out sizes.

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