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    Delonghi DEM10 10L Dehumidifier for £138.00

    Posted on: 07 Jul 2016. Category: Delonghi DEM10 10L Dehumidifier for £138.00

    Dehumidifiers are designed to keep a room’s humidity levels in check, so the air is more comfortable and you notice fewer physical signs of damp air – such as mould on walls or condensation on your windows. You can use a dehumidifier when you notice signs of damp, such as condensation on your windows. To get the best from a dehumidifier, it’s a good idea to vacuum beforehand – so you’re not spreading around irritating dust particles, or clogging up the air filter if your dehumidifier has one. Set the dehumidifier away from walls, furniture and curtains, keep doors and windows closed while the dehumidifier runs and empty the collected water out of the dehumidifier after every use and before moving it to another room. Vacuum the air filter on a regular basis; you can usually wash it if it’s very dirty. Most dehumidifiers have an automatic humidistat. With this, the dehumidifier monitors the moisture in the air so it can turn itself on and off to maintain the humidity level you’ve selected. So instead of repeatedly turning your dehumidifier on and off, you can let the dehumidifier do this by itself to maintain your desired humidity level

    You can view the Delonghi DEM10 Dehumidifer at the link below:

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