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    Pond Lighting - Which lights are suitable

    Posted on: 22 Jun 2016. Category: Pond Lighting - Which lights are suitable

    Lighting up you Pond can make it come alive at night making your garden look completely different to the day time. Lighting adds beauty, enjoyment and functionality to your pond. While many omit lighting, it does help to think about lighting that could be added later if not included initially. You may want to plan a more comprehensive landscape lighting plan of which pond lighting will be only one part. There are 2 ways of lighting your pond, from the edges or from in the pond itself, The lights in the link below are for the latter part, Submersible. For a light to be submersible it needs to have a 'IP' rating. This rating tells us how waterproof the light is and there are 2 numbers after the 'IP' to help. The first number(not relevant for this) is for protection against solid materials, The Second Number is for Liquids(water), The higher the number the better the protection is. The numbers need for installing lights in the Pond are IP*7 and IP*8. The two numbers allow for different depths of submersion. IP*7 is up to 1m, IP*8 is over 1m(there is a limit but most ponds are not that deep). See some of our Submersible IP68 lighting at the link below:

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