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    Airflow Extractor Fans, Ventilation Solutions for your home

    Posted on: 03 Feb 2016. Category: Airflow Extractor Fans, Ventilation Solutions for your home

    A healthier indoor environment is important not only to the well being of the dwellings occupants but to preserving the fabric of the building. With increasingly air tight construction in new builds and property refurbishments adding increased levels of insulation it is even more important to ensure adequate ventilation, In fact the latest Building Regulations provide clear guidance on the minimum flow rates and primary ventilation systems (1, 2, 3 and 4) that should be installed in new and existing dwellings. For well insulated dwellings, such as those upgraded under the "Green Deal" scheme a continuous Ventilation fan may be more suitable. Providing constant background ventilation to continually refresh the atmosphere "on-demand" boost is available when required to clear odours and steam. The LOOVENT eco is fast becoming the "Green Deal" fan of choice and ideal for installations requiring longer lengths of ducting. To provide continuous ventilation from a single point consider (System 3) Airovent mechanical extract ventilation for extraction from the Toilet, Bathroom and Kitchen. Alternatively Heat Recovery is a process of continuously heating up incoming fresh air by using the outgoing already warm air. Warm air transfers most of its heat to the incoming fresh air in a highly efficient heat exchanger before leaving the dwelling. At no time do the airstreams mix as the heat radiates through the plates of the heat exchanger, so no odour issues. Having over 90% thermal efficiency and a triple filter design, Duplexvent units provide a hygienic environment at all times.

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