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  • Why won't my LED lighting dim?

    Posted on: 21 Jan 2016. Category: Why wont my LED lights dim?

    The most common reason for dimmable LEDs not performing well is the dimmer switch. Standard dimmers do not work well with LED lamps. The new lightwaveRF digital dimming system is the answer.
    Rotary leading edge dimmers are rarely effective paired with LEDs, because old-fashioned triac dimmers use a current interruption method. For lamps that run on a continuous forward current, like LED, this interruption can actually be seen in the light output - resulting in that familiar flicker. The buzzing you hear when the lamps are at low levels? The old method is to blame for that too, the copper coil vibrates, often loudly. It’s time ditch the outdated technology and go digital. Digital dimmers replace the old components with a circuit board. No coil, no problem.

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