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  • Vintage lighting showroom in Bristol

    Posted on: 10 Sep 2015. Category: Vintage lighting showroom in Bristol

    We buy, repair and sell a beautiful range of vintage lighting. All our vintage lighting is genuine and some dates back to 1920. We specialize in the restoration of old theatre stage spotlights, the Patt 23 and the Furse stage spotlights. We polish them up, fully rewire them and fit them to hand made wooden tripod stands. We always have these on display in the showrrom. If you want something more unique, a collectors peice, then the Mole Richardson film set lights are the best vintage lights available. These solid 1930s lights sell online upwards of £3000 when restored. The last restored Mole Richardson we sold went for £1800 complete with orginal barn door reflectors and a 1950s french surveyors wooden light wood tripod. The fitting was truely beautiful and we were a little sad to see it go.

    We have another five Moles on the way from America now and we will be fully restoring them in our workshop. Our collection is the best in Bristol and we welcome you to come down and visit our new lighting showroom in Bristol.