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  • What lighting can I use on a Celotex insulated ceiling?

    Posted on: 20 Jul 2015. Category: celotex ceiling lighting solutions


    If you have a Celotex insulated ceilings then you shouldn't use downlights. See this information taken direct from the Celotex website.


    "Can I recess my downlighters into Celotex?


    No. Down lighters should not be recessed into insulated ceilings as they penetrate the vapour control layer (VCL) and act like a flue, drawing warm moist air into the roof space where it condenses and drips back out of the fitting, possibly causing a fire risk.


    If downlighters are to be used, they should be fitted in a false ceiling below the structural ceiling."


    A great light fitting which can be used with a Celotex ceilings is a mains track light. Available in white and silver these minimalist mains fed tracks fit flush with the ceiling. You then add adjustable mains spotlights which can be clipped into the track. These can be moved up and down the track and are great for LEDs. Check out the range of mains track on our website now.  Follow the below link.




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