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  • Megaman dim to warm LED GU10 £13.99

    Posted on: 31 Mar 2015. Category: Megaman dim to warm LED GU10 £13.99

    In stock now!! Megamans new dim to warm LED range is now out. We have tested this lamp and we were extremely impressed with the quality of the light and the way it dims. So far as long as you have 2-3 LEDs on a standard dimmer it works fine. There is no need to buy an expensive trailing edge LED dimmer module. We would however strongly recommend the LightWave RF range of electronic dimmers. You can replace any standard dimmer or light switch with the new light wave master dimmer, then add secondary remote dimmers to the circuit. These are battery operated so require no wiring. This then gives you 2 way dimming. This idea is brilliant and we have had a lot of positive feedback from our trade customers in the shop.They are ideal for bedrooms when you want to turn the lights off from your bed but currently only have one light switch by the door.

    Check out Megamans new dim to warm LED below follow the link. We have them in stock now.


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