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  • Patt 23 stage light for sale

    Posted on: 30 Jul 2015. Category: Vintage patt 23 stage film spotlight

    We have a great source for the 1940s Patt 23 vintage stage spotlights. We buy them in and full restore them in our workshop. Some get chromed other we sell in the original condition. All of them get stripped down and rewired using vintage style twisted cable and a low energy lamp. We can fit them to wooden tripod stands or we can use the fixing bracket to wall mount them View the range of vintage lights on our website now.[0]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A386&f[1]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A3186



    Posted on: 21 Mar 2015. Category: Vintage patt 23 stage film spotlight

    We have a great choice of vintage stage lighting, converted into floor standing lamps using beautiful wooden tripods. Prices start from £350 inc Vat with free home delivery. All our vintage lighting is sourced from around the UK then fully cleaned and restored in our workshop. Each item is fitted with vintage twisted antique style cable and fully tested. Our Patt 23 stage spotlights are fitted with new CFL lamps which are equal to 125 watts this means they still produce a lovely bright spot just like they would have done with their original 250 watt super bright spot bulbs. The only difference is they dont get red hot now and the lamps last 8,000 hours. We have many restored stage lights in our showroom and all are available for next day UK delivery. They would look great in any shop window or as a decorative feature light in a lounge or dinning room. These old Patt 23 film spots are between 40-50 years old so they all have a great history and are very unusual each in there own way. Check out the range of genuine vintage light fitting we currently have listed on our website now.[0]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A386&f[1]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A3186



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