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    Supplier Spotlight - Eglo Lighting

    Posted on: 16 Mar 2015. Category: supplier spotlight

    EGLO is a family enterprise with Tyrolean roots, but at home all over the world. The exciting blend of Austrian traditions and the various cultural influences from our distribution companies are the basis for our varied and creative product range.” Over the past 40 years the EGLO group has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of decorative interior lighting. Meanwhile, the company has become a major player on the world market: In 2012 more than 15 million luminaires were marketed in over 50 countries on all continents. EGLO ensures the greatest possible independence when introducing new product solutions and are extremely competitive due to the high quality levels of our manufacturing plants. Eglo Lighting have an idea of what makes a design successful. But we would never dream of imposing our style on the market, especially as we are talking about 60 very different markets, each with its own peculiarities. So when designing new lights we have our finger firmly on the market’s pulse: Our subsidiaries worldwide constantly provide us with suggestions and ideas for new products.These suggestions are evaluated by our development team, joined with our own ideas and finally developed to become a marketable product in collaboration with selected designers.

    View some of there products here:

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    Supplier Spotlight - Endon Lighting

    Posted on: 06 Mar 2015. Category: supplier spotlight

    Established over 75 years ago, Endon Lighting has developed an enviable reputation within the UK domestic market for understanding our customers’ needs, based around our core values of service, reliability and customer satisfaction. They believe that this collection of luminaries and homewares demonstrates our determination and commitment to continually strive for that blend of innovation, design, quality and value for money that has established Endon at the forefront of the retail trade and electrical wholesale industry for so many years. To support the latest catalogue, we have ensured that our service can match our product range by heavy investment in our stock-holding, warehousing capacity and software. Whilst being totally in tune with today’s development in contemporary design and home fashion, they are also aware of our customers’ requirements where a traditional style is preferred. Our understanding of today’s market gives us the confidence to recommend our catalogue; whatever your lighting needs. Endon Lighting recognise that customers are the business and that continuing success and customer satisfaction will be greatly assisted by the application of a programme of continuing self improvement with the ultimate aim of getting it “right first time, every time”.

    View Our Endon range here:

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    Supplier Spotlight - Airflow

    Posted on: 26 Feb 2015. Category: supplier spotlight

    In 1955, from one man's expertise in the fields of fan design and air flow measurement, the Airflow Developments group of companies was founded. Initially based in one factory in High Wycombe the company has since blossomed into a thriving multi-million pound international, manufacturing and research group headquartered in High Wycombe. Airflow has earned its reputation as a world leader by continually providing innovative, quality products backed by in-built reliability and developed by experts in air movement who manufacture to the stringent requirements of ISO9001 and ISO14001. Building Regulations Approved Document F: Ventilation (2010 Edition), stipulates the provision of adequate mechanical ventilation rates in non-habitable rooms such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and utility rooms in domestic dwellings. Naturally AIRFLOW fans exceed the requirements helping to combat the harmful effects of dampness and condensation, and by extracting airborne pollutants such as odours, cooking smells, humid and stale air, the potential hazards to the health of occupants and possible damage to the fabric of the building can be largely eliminated.

    What the regulations say
    Toilet/sanitary accommodation 6 l/sec (22 m3/hr)
    Bathroom/shower room 15 l/sec (54 m3/hr)
    Kitchen adjacent to hob 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr)
    Kitchen without cooker hood 60 l/sec (216 m3/hr)
    Utility room 30 l/sec (108 m3/hr)

    View Airflow's range here:

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    Supplier Spotlight - Knightsbridge

    Posted on: 27 Jan 2015. Category: supplier spotlight

    Founded in 1998, M L Accessories has since established itself as one of the UK's leading importers and distributors of Lighting products and Electrical Wiring Accessories. We pride ourselves on providing quality in everything we do - from our ever-growing competitive product ranges, to the incredible quality of service that has now become the envy of the industry. 2014 has seen ML Accessories continue to buck the trend. In addition to the many new products added to our Lighting and Wiring Accessories, we have also recently invested heavily in strengthening our Product Development, Technical & Quality assurance and Marketing departments. In response to furtherde mand we have also expanded our Sales force. What distinguishes ML Accessories apart from our competitors? We believe the answer to that question is simple and is apparent in our approach to customer care. At MLA, Customer Service is not a department, it’s an attitude! We continue to strive towards exceeding all expectations, whether through our unparalleled next-day delivery service anywhere across mainland UK, impressive stock availability or our increasing breadth of product offering. We pride ourselves on being a first choice supplier to the electrical industry throughout the UK and Europe and in taking problems off your hands; so that you can get on with what you do best. We believe that you will be amazed at all we have to offer, whether you are an existing customer or are yet to experience the unique MLA way.

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    Tiffany Lighting by Interiors 1900 - Masterpieces of design and Decorative Lighting

    Posted on: 28 Oct 2014. Category: supplier spotlight

    Each of Interiors 1900 Tiffany Lamps is hand made using only the highest quality Art-Glass. The glass itself is hand crafted with the craftsman mixing glass colours whilst molten. Using this technique means that each panel of glass is unique and the variations of colour and texture give ‘life’ to the glass. Depending on the design the glass can be textured or finished with a variety of techniques such as adding iridescence to the glass. Each shade starts out as an artists drawing. A prototype new shade is built up freehand. This is used to make a plaster impression of the shade which becomes a pattern or mould to lay out glass during production. Each lamp uses a variety of different types of glass. Glass is carefully chosen over a lamp to see how the end result will be lit and unlit.Each piece of the lamp shade is carefully cut from the appropriate glass by hand and checked. The glass pieces are then ground to remove sharp edges and have copper foil wrapped around each edge. Only the best solder, giving the most perfect edge, is used for Interiors 1900 shades. With all the cutting and foiling finished, the pieces are placed onto the plaster mould which resembles a 3D jigsaw. Extra care is taken with interiors 1900 lamps by building the shade in stages to ensure the pattern remains perfect. The pieces are soldered together in sections as the lamp is built up. Once all the glass pieces are in place the shade is taken from the mould and soldered again on the outside to add strength and create an attractive finish. The lamp shade is the washed and dried and all the fresh solder is patinated to give it the desirable dull grey colour. Production is checked by rigorous QC staff throughout every step so any problems can be rectified at an early stage. Before packing, each shade is given a final thorough check over a lamp to ensure the pattern is correct, all soldering is of the highest quality and every piece of glass is in perfect condition. Many of our shades contain hundreds of pieces of individual glass. To cut, foil, solder and finish each shade takes many man hours with some shades taking more than a day to complete! This careful skilled construction coupled with the quality of the art-glass used ensures that each Interiors 1900 in perfect condition.

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    Fabas Luce Lighting - Dynamism, flexibility and innovation

    Posted on: 27 Oct 2014. Category: supplier spotlight

    Three words that sum up FABAS LUCE and are the key of its success. A noteworthy stock of experience gathered in many years of operation in indoor lighting sector, allows FABAS LUCE to be present, with its own brand, in the most important retail markets. Founded in 1979 and it is situated in Brugherio nearby Milan – Italy, FABAS LUCE's mission is to introduce products of design which can meet everyone’s requirements.Fabas Luce has always stood out for originality of it's creations. Increasingly the use of LED's is opening up unforeseen horizons to combine aesthetic beauty with energy saving and efficiency.

    View the Fabas Luce range here:

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Company Number: 10317738
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