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    Make your own pendants

    Posted on: 18 Mar 2015. Category: product news

    Electrics and Lighting have a vast selection of lampholders, ceiling roses, cable and light bulbs in stock and available to purchase to be able to make your own lighting. You see more and more programs on TV about upcycling old furniture and items people have just thrown away as they do not suit the decor. Our selection of all the bits and pieces needed to make and transform any old light fitting is perfect for a restoration project. Take a look now and don't forget our dedicated team of sales staff are only on the end of the phone and can help you find what ever light fittings you need.

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    Kewtech testing equipment

    Posted on: 29 Jan 2015. Category: product news

    Kewtech manufacture innovative, accurate and reliable test equipment and accessories that enable UK electrical contractors to undertake their testing obligations quickly and efficiently. You can be confident that a product with the “Kewtech” brand will have been specifically designed for the UK market by staff with many years of experience working in the industry. We pride ourselves on developing and manufacturing products that have real benefit to the industry and consistently introduce industry firsts. Our 17th edition multifunction testers lead the way in ease of use, loop accuracy and repeatability of reading

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    Univolt Cable Managament System

    Posted on: 22 Jan 2015. Category: product news

    Dietzel Univolt offers the appropriate solution for any kind of electrical installation. Superior quality features characterise the extensive product choice of conduits and accessories. Univolt® trunking systems are an ideal solution for numerous modern commercial applications and provide perfect protection for the latest technology in data and energy transfer. The special clip-on system of the lid as well as the design of the cross section give the trunkings extraordinary stability. With a complete separation of the covering parts from the main trunking bodies it becomes very easy to exchange damaged sections. Their conduits have been used around the world for decades and contributed considerably to the safety of man and material in the electrical engineering industry, Increased mechanical properties and outstanding chemical resistance make the conduits the ideal protection system for cables.

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    Make your own pendant

    Posted on: 21 Jan 2015. Category: product news

    We sell all the bits to make your own lighting, you see more and more programs on TV about upcycling old furniture and items people have skipped. Well we are the place to come to buy all the accessories, holders, cable, screws and fixings. A proper selection of all the bits and pieces needed to make and transform any old light fitting. Take a look now and don't forget our dedicated team of sales staff are only on the end of the phone and can help you find what ever light fittings you need.

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    Aico Fire Alarms

    Posted on: 20 Jan 2015. Category: product news

    Aico is acknowledged as the market leader in residential fire safety products and has products to suit Contractors, Specifiers, Specials Needs and Special Applications. There are all different types of alarms available and each type responds to different types of smoke or levels of heat, so each is better suited to different areas of the home. Optical Sensor are more responsive to smouldering fires (Sofas, TVs) while heat Sensor(triggers at 58°C) responds to heat build-up from large flaming fires and ionisation sensor alarms are more responsive to flaming fires (Papers, Clothing). All are mains powered and available in Lithium or 9 volt battery back up.

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    Wago Connectors

    Posted on: 08 Jan 2015. Category: product news

    Installing a Wagobox can take as little as 25% of the time it takes to install a BS6220 style junction box. All the cables can be stripped back to an installer friendly 60mm before fitting the terminal blocks. The Wagobox uses Wago 222 & 773 Series terminal blocks which are are quick to fit, but as these are also fitted outside of the box there is none of the time consuming fiddling about trying to get the cables cut to size and into position inside a small space. Once the cables have been connected, the terminal blocks can be simply slid into position before securing the cables. The cable gripper is very quick and easy to configure, no screws or fiddly clamp bars in this box! Each gripper slot has it's own black plastic pressure spring that can be installed into one of two slots or simply removed. Use a pair of cutters or narrow nosed pliers to position the gripper spring and then push the cables into position. The cables will be clamped and secure in a matter of seconds.

    From the position of the gripper to the choice of the terminal blocks the Wagobox can be configured to suit the job. Connecting LV lighting transformers, distributing power to multiple loads or simply extending an oven circuit are all possible with the Wagobox. The integrated cable gripper can secure flex and 6242Y and 6243Y cables from 1.0mm² to 6.0mm² in seconds. The snap shut lid locks into place and closes the gripper slots preventing any cables from working free. The Wago 222 and 773 Series terminal blocks are completely unlike screw terminals. They are not susceptible to loosening due to temperature cycling, vibration or conductor settling over time. The materials used in the Wago terminal blocks are inherently corrosion resistant and exert a specific pressure onto the conductors that prevents damage to the conductors but still gives a gas tight termination every time.

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    Happy Holidays

    Posted on: 24 Dec 2014. Category: product news

    Everyone at Electrics and Lighting would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. we will be closed for just Christmas Day, Boxing day and New Years Day so if there is any questions about deliveries, orders or just general advice please just give us a call. In the new year there will be new offers, new products and a big change around here in our Bristol store so please keep checking the website for all the latest news. we also have twitter and Facebook with their own unique offers.

    Happy Holidays.

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    Bring the funk - Colourful Pendants from Nordlux

    Posted on: 19 Dec 2014. Category: product news

    Nordlux Funk is a range of Pendants sure to brighten any room, With a choice of 9 colours you are sure to find one that suits your decor and are ideal for kids bedrooms. With a staggering 2.3m cord length they are suitable for any ceiling height and can be easily adjusted on installation. All 9 colours are in stock and can be delivered to you next day. Have more than one room to decorate? please call and speak to our team, we can help to come up with a design to suit you.

    You can find the funk here:

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    New Range - Eglo Vintage Steel Pendants

    Posted on: 09 Dec 2014. Category: product news

    It welcomes the old-fashioned cosiness of long forgotten days to our homes and creates a charming flea market atmosphere. If you look at the EGLO Vintage collection, memories come to your mind. Grandma’s glory days revive and you feel closer to your roots and origin and a cosy and warm feeling grows inside. Old style objects are popular not only in furniture, the homes are becoming more and more centre of people’s lives and are therefore furnished in the most individual styles. Extraordinary forms and decent colours determine the EGLO Vintage collection. Every single luminaire has its character that spreads light into the chosen room – in the dining room, place for socializing with friends and family, the wall and pendant luminaires bring cosiness and inviting atmosphere. With the floor and table luminaires as special accessories for a study room, it receives a comfortable touch. The mix of styles in our Vintage collection extends from “industrial look” of old factories across the “roaring 50’s” with pastel colours to country style with textile shades and wooden elements.

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    Christmas gift ideas

    Posted on: 03 Dec 2014. Category: product news

    Here at Electrics and Lighting we have a range of small appliances that are ideal for the practical Christmas present, from kettles to Breville cupcake bakers we have you covered. Can't see what you're looking for? give us a call and we will endeavor to source from our group of selected distributors.

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