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    Electric car charging specialists Bristol

    Posted on: 30 Jul 2021. Category: Electric Vehicle Charging Point

    Electric car charging specialists Bristol, new display now in our showroom at Ablectrics

    Our Bristol showroom find out more click here

    Electric Vehicle Charging Points from Project EV. Project EV specialise in providing only the most cutting edge electric vehicle charging points, connecting our customers with technology that breaks boundaries. Each unit comes with a 5 year guarantee and is IP65 rated. They are built to last. 

    Project EV's goal is to help people finally make the switch to clean and affordable energy by adopting smart charging for electric vehicles. With a wide range of floor and wall-mounted AC and DC electric car chargers, The technology provides you with the high energy output you need to keep your EV charged and running well. These electric vehicle charging points come with full electrical and temperature protection, compact design, smart apps, and they are all tested to European standards, with an OCPP v1.6 open chargepoint protocol. You do not need to do a course to fit and set up these units, any qualified electrician can buy and install them. They really are user friendly and great quality. Come on and see them on display now.