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    New Eglo Outdoor Lighting

    Posted on: 26 Jan 2021. Category: New Eglo Outdoor Lighting

    New Eglo Outdoor Lighting

    Eglo's new range of Outdoor lighting offers the perfect lighting for your garden, terrace or Balcony. The assortment ranges from classic to traditional, modern and the extravagant. Outdoor lighting are not only useful for aesthetic reasons but can also provide the necessart security around your home, especially in the autumn and winter months.The safety and comfort fittings, which are all fitted with motion sensors, will help to keep uninvited visitors away

    Safety and Comfort, light at the right time

    Smart light activated by movement offers many advatages, Sensors provide a great deal of comfort in your daily life and increase the safety in your own four walls. Comfort - Your light comes without requiring a press of a switch leaving your hands free for carrying bags, Security - Motion detection lights the badly visable areas when necessary which can deter unwanted guests.Sensor lights also save money by only being on when you need them.


    Clear lines - straight and minimalistic design ensures a modern touch, Generally stainless steel or aluminium combined with refined glass will make you outdoor area shine with a modern yet timeless light. Our range of clear LED lamps are available here to suit all the lights


    If you require any help with you garden lighting our lighting designer is available, meetings instore or at your home can be arranged to discuss your needs

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