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    Posted on: 29 Feb 2020. Category: Professional lighting consultant

    Award winning Professional lighting consultancy service at Ablectrics. In 2020 our efforts in lighting design and our expertise were recognized when we won an " Excellence award for bespoke lighting design services"

    To book an appointment with our in house lighting designer, Fraser, please email us [email protected] or give us a call to schedule your appointment 01179425355. Our lighting showroom is in Bristol and this is where we would normally meet. Our lighting showroom is constantly updated with the latest exiting designs, LEDs and displays. In fact our showroom is often prioritised over any online presence or our website. We are a 46 year old business built on a foundation of customer service and offering a unique and enjoyable buying experience. While many companies have invested in websites and SEO we find our customers prefer a high end showroom full of the latest lights and innovative displays.

    During the initial meeting Fraser will walk you round the showroom and outline particular light fittings he thinks will work in your home. Asking questions and looking over your plans he will begin to determine the focus of the design and your priorities. Listening and getting you involved as much as possible. Starting with the primary lighting for the space he will then build up the design in layers. Having worked on lighting designs for close to 13 years now he can appreciate how light will behave and effect a space. A lighting design is not simply filling a space with light and then adding a dimmer switch. It is about shadows and atmosphere. Recognizing the different uses you will have for a room and then ensuring the lighting at that given point is correct. Open plan spaces seem to be the biggest challenge for people building or renovating their homes. With a tried and tested approach to lighting design having consulted on 100s of projects he has a wealth of experience to draw on. To back that up we have a choice of over 15,000 lights from designers and suppliers we choose to work with from all over the world.

    To schedule a meeting and get the best out of your lighting please get in touch, any questions you have we will be happy to answer.Feel free to check out our work and latest designs on our Facebook page click here.

Free 0800 180 4509 7.30AM-5PM
[email protected] | 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol. BS7 8AX
Company Number: 10317738
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