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    Bell Lighting Stockist Bristol

    Posted on: 16 Jan 2020. Category: Bell Lighting Stockist

    Bell Lighting Stockist Bristol

    Bell Lighting were established in 1920, British Electric lamps Ltd (BELL) have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of light sources and fixtures to the electrical wholesale industry. Continued investment in cutting edge technology has gained BELL a reputation in the industry for unique energy saving product manufactured to the highest specification. The onsite laboratory and QC control centre ensure product meets the highest standards for performance and safety and comply with all the latest EU conformity requirements.They are dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of professionalism, warmth, pride and company spirit and will endeavour to do everything in their power to serve the customer to the best of our ability.

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    LED Fittings

     Bell Lighting have a large range of dedicated LED units, Ranging from domestic downlights to Commercial High bays and floodlights. All these products undergo a stringent set of quality control procedures in their own Lighting Laboratory. The Illumina LED High/Low bay is a geniune replacement for 250/400w metal halide and is a fully sealed fixture making it ideal for food preparation and cold storage areas(when fitted with the matching cover). The Skyline LED floodlight range give you replacements for either halogen or metal halide outdoor lighting, They come with a marine grade body and have available marine grade mounting brackets and screws for coastal areas. The firestay LED Smart connect downlight is their newest downlight, giving you complete control of brightness and colour from your android or ios device. dimmable to 10% and colour varying from 2200k to 6300k every room can look exactly as you want it when you want it.

    LED Lamps

    Bell's LED lamps are all batch tested in their own quailty assurance facility with some of the test being cap torque tests, dimmer compatibility and photometric sphere tests. Giving you assurance the lamps are the most energy efficient units they can be. Dimming can be a tricky business, and because there are no standards in place for LED dimming, there is no guarantee that a certain lamp will work with a certain dimmer. Incompatibilities between lamps and dimmers can cause flickering, reduced dimming ranges, and can even cause damage and reduce the life span of the lamp. For these reasons Bell are dedicated to testing the lamps so that you know how they will perform on your dimmers, and will continue to update information. The lamps are compatible with most leading edge dimmers, but due to the variety and constant development of new units, not all suitable dimmers will be included. Hamilton, Varilight and Rako are just some of the manufacturers that work well.





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