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    Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Posted on: 20 Nov 2019. Category: Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Since our shop revamp in 2014 our Lighting showroom has constantly been kept up todate with the latest designs and products, with over 250 lights on display you have plenty of choice for lighting your home. We're going to concentrate on Bathroom lighting here and we'll start off with recessed downlights. Downlights are the most common way to light your bathroom, discreet, practical and safe(IP65 and can be used directly above the shower in zone 1) they light your bathroom for practical use. The integral Evofire downlight is the thinnest of them all with a 1mm bezel and coupled with their LED GU10 you have a perfect match. 

    Flush Ceiling Lights

    It's not always possible to install recessed downlights(due to access in the ceiling above) so the alternative is flush ceiling lighting, Decorative, Round spotlights or just LED Bulkheads there are plenty for you to choose from whether its for your main bathroom, an en suite or a rental property. These main lights can be complimented by mood lighting, illuminated mirrors or low level marker lights can be used to create a relaxling atmosphere while having a bath instead of a ceiling light shining straight into your eyes. LED tape can also be used around vanity units, mirrors, shelves or even the bath itself.

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    Extractor Fans

    Ventilation is a important part of your bathroom and can help to keep it looking like the day it was installed. There are various fans with various extract rates that does require a little bit of thought when choosing which one to use. You have wall/celing mounted fans or Inline. Inline fans are hidden away in the ceiling and you only have a thin grill in the room itself, wall fans come in 2 types(axial or centrifugal) and move the air differently. Centrifugal are more powerful and therfore suited for bigger bathrooms or those that have longer runs of ducting. All these fans have various control methods, standard on/off, timer, humidistat(or combinations are the 3). The Vent Axia Svara wall mounted fan gives you all of these options in the press of a button. It's an app control fan(via Bluetooth) and setting it up to work how you want it too is easy. 

    Our showroom is located on the famous Gloucester Road in bristol and we are open 6 days a week until 17:30, weekdays we open at 7am and offer a trade discount for those in the Building trade. 









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