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    LED Tape Profile

    Posted on: 18 Oct 2019. Category: LED Tape Profile

    LED Tape Profile

    LED tape profile has a multitude of uses, The most common reason for buying it is for hiding the LED tape itself but is also a great way to pull heat away(heat sink) from the LED's to keep their lifespan. Another reason is to protect the tape from any accidental impact damage from tape situated in areas of traffic(underneath kitchen units). A final reason is to offer secondary lighting, whether it's a discreet shadow Gap profile or a simple angled profile we have you(and your LED tape) covered. 

    Different Styles

    There are 2 main types of LED profile, Aluminium and Paintable.

    Aluminium is practical and hardwearing and is great for furniture lighting such as cabinets or under counters. As Aluminium profiles have a diffuser that clips on top they are great at keeping the dust out, some or waterproof too for exterior use. Paintable profile is used for wall washing and decorative, We stock a range of the Orac decor profiles who specialise in this type. You can also use multple profiles together to create a shadow gap, this allows a small beam of light to emit and is great for cinema rooms, snugs or evening lounges. We recommend the use of a aluminium tape in the Orac profile to act as a heat sink.

    C374 ANTONIO

    LED Tape

    The LED tape itself comes in many variations, warm or cool white(colour changing can also be ordered) and different brightnesses(wattage per metre). We offer a bespoke service to be able to offer the lengths you need for any room as well as supplying suitable drivers for them. Please call in to our bristol showroom for more information. 


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