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    LED Tape for a Kitchen

    Posted on: 26 Sep 2019. Category: LED Tape for a Kitchen

    LED Tape for a Kitchen

    Choosing the right LED tape for a kitchen, our guide.

    LED tape is a fantastic way to add attractive accent lighting to almost any space. They are inexpensive, easy to install and can change the look and ambience of a space instantly and can provide attractive effects such as wall-washing, edge-lighting, under-cabinet lighting and much more. They are very low energy and last for 10-15 years. We have 3 different wattages of high CRI LED tape and all are available in warm white 2700k or cool white 4000k.

    4.8w Ambient/Mood

    The 4.8w(per metre) 300-400lm per metre LED tape is mostly used for lighting in cabinets, where you want some decorative lighting to display glasses or crockery, or for a gentle glow above any wall units providing secondary mood lighting and should be switched seperately to any primary lighting. It is ideal for secondary accent lighting.

    Using a 2700k LED tape fixed both to the underside of the units, and again on the top. This throws a balanced warm light into the room and makes a great feature of the wall units. Bringing light into a room from above without seeing the source creates great mood lighting and is very effective. It is not a primary source of light, to get proper light levels in a kitchen down lights or a track light should be used.

    9.6w Primary/Worktop

    9.6w(per metre) 500-600lm per metre is more commonly used underneath wall cabinets to shine onto your worktops for task lighting,colour of the tape used generally is depicted by the style of kitchen. It is also a great source of lighting in waredrobes and cupboards.The 9.6watt LED tape is by far our best selling and most popular tape and we always get great feedback.

    To recreate this look we have used 4000k cool white LED downlights, complimented with 4000k LED under cabinet strip lights. The kitchen is very modern with crisp gloss white doors and a white granite worktop. The 4000k light source fills the room with a more natural looking light and works very well with the colours in the kitchen. The whites really stand out and the vibrant splash back looks it's true colour. The overall effect is very effective and more people are choosing 4000k colour temprature LEDs now for their kitchens than ever before. We have also fitted 2 inset ceiling speakers into the ceiling and have run the speaker cable back to a hi-fi system above the fridge so music can be played.

    14.4w Wall wash

    14.4w(per metre) 800lm per metre can be used for wall wash effect on larger plain walls or inset around a Velux window(reflecting light back down when dark outside) which can give you some extra primary lighting where downlights cannot be placed. All of our LED tape can be dimmed when using Dimmable drivers and suitable LED dimmers. We offer a bespoke service for our tape and we are happy to discuss any requirements and measurements with you to establish length of the LED tape and what drivers you will need.

    We also have a range of 1m and 2m LED profile to compliment the tape and to help angle/direct light where you want to point it. If a profile is not used we recommend the use of a foil tape underneath to help with heat sink(to help to disapate the heat and keep the life of the tape)

    All of this is on display now in our showroom and we can of course help and advise in anyway. We are happy to offer design ideas and help. Please contcat us if you have any querries [email protected]






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