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    Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Posted on: 10 Sep 2019. Category: Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Bristol's leading Cable Stockists

    Here at Ablectrics we stock a wide range of cables and flexes for you to be able to complete any task in your home or Garden. From SWA to Braided Flex we have you covered.

    Twin and Earth

    Twin and earth cable is one of the most common types of cable, it has two individual insulated current carrying conductors(live and neutral) and a uninsulated circuit protective conductor(earth) and is used for most of the wiring connected to your fuse board. It is available in various sizes depending on the application

    Steel Wired Armoured

    Steel Wire Armoured Cable is designed to have mechanical protection, which is why the cable is often used for external use. The armour is used to reduce any risk of the cable getting pinched or damaged; the steel is used to protect the armoured cable. SWA cables are heavy, which makes them extremely difficult to bend; therefore they are most suited to underground cabling or fixed to outdoor walls using cable cleats.

    Fabric Flex

    Fabric, or sometimes known as Braided, Flex is used for pendants and has various colours to blend with any decor. Normally 3 core(for metal lampholders needing an earth) and can help to finish a design

    You can view some of our cable online at the link below:[0]=field_product_category%253Aparents_all%3A485




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