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    Surge protection Devices, what are they and why do we need them

    Posted on: 28 Aug 2019. Category: Surge protection Devices

    The whole nature of how electrical equipment is used in homes and at work has evolved; with everyday activities relying on electronic equipment. Products such as computers, printers, flat screen televisions, industrial control equipment such as PLC’s, alarms, microwaves and washing machines are common place. These can all be vulnerable to transient overvoltages, which can significantly reduce the equipment’s lifespan through degradation and damage.

    Surge protection devices(SPD) assist in the protection of valuable electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and also from switching sources. These transients can cause damage ranging from the premature ageing of equipment, logic failures and down time, to the complete destruction of equipment within the entire electrical installation. Products such as LCD screens, data servers and industrial equipment such PLC’s are critical to business activity. Protecting this equipment may now be a necessity.

    Surge protection devices are classified according to their standard into different types
    • Type 1 - SPD which can discharge partial lightning current with a typical waveform 10/350 μs. Usually employs spark gap technology.
    • Type 2 - SPD which can prevent the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installations and protects equipment connected to it. It usually employs metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology and is characterized by an 8/20 μs current wave.
    • Type 3 – These SPDs have a low discharge capacity. They must therefore only be installed as a supplement to Type 2 SPD and in the vicinity of sensitive loads. Type 3 SPD’s are characterised by a combination of voltage waves (1.2/50 μs) and current waves (8/20 μs).

    You can view our(increasing) range of SPD's on our website at the link below:

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