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    Best selling lights for a house

    Posted on: 23 Aug 2019. Category: best selling lights for your house

    Best sellers

    We have a new section online showcasing the best selling lights for a house. After many years selling online and with the success of our lighting showroom and design service we felt it would be a useful tool to have online to help people choose their perfect new light. So we liased directly with our lighting designer and made the best sellers section. It is broken down into several catergories depending on what type of light you are looking for so we have created the following following links. Each one is filled with branded, quality exiting designs that look and feel great.

    Best selling bathroom lighting

    Best selling bedroom lighting

    Best selling garden lighting

    Best selling downlights

    Best selling kitchen lights

    Best selling wall lights

    So each section containes stylish lighting that we have used on countless lighting designs and have always got great feedback on. Wherever possible we have even used in situ pictures of the lights. This is ideal when buying a new light as trying to picture it in use and get a handle on the way it will look and feel can be a challenge. So showcasing them in use is a big help, we plan on getting more live photos soon and will continue to update the website weekely. Most of the featured best selling lights are also on display in our Bristol lighting showroom as to be honest one cannot beat seeing the product before buying it. While we appreciate the benefits of a website we recognise the value of a showroom and always keep our showroom up to date with the latest lighting trends, designs and new LED lamps. If you are working on a big project or design we would always recommend a visit here to see us and even arrange a meeting with our lighting designer. Lighting design is something many people struggle with on a large scale, so we have an in house designer with over 12 years experience.

    For now have a look through our best sellers and the lighting we supply. If you need any help we are only a phone call away and we are always happy to help.

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