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  • Garden Party Lighting

    Posted on: 13 Aug 2019. Category: garden lighting

    Garden party lighting. At this time of year with the nights getting darker earlier but the temperatures holding we often get asked about the best way to light a garden for parties and entertaining.

    Whilst there are a number of options here are some of our favourites that work well:

    RGB colour changing garden lighting

    Image result for coloured garden lighting

    Using RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colour changing lighting can add beautiful highlights to accentuate areas of your garden whilst also giving you flexibility and the option to easily control and change the lighting to keep the effect 'new'.

    We especially like these RGB spike lights from GAP lighting, they have a range of 30m and can be controlled independantly or grouped by a 4 channel remote control (supplied seperately). We have one of these fantastic lights as a working display in our Bristol Showroom.

    Image result for blade rgb cct

    To add to these we often use a digital RGB tape (IP65) for low level colour changing lighting such as We often use this to light under seating areas or below any lip on the top of a retaining wall, it can also create a spectacular scene highlighting steps.

    Static Colour outdoor rated Rope Light

    Another more cost friendly option for a colourful outdoor lighting solution would be to use static colour rope light, this can be used to great effect either wrapped around trees, hidden in the edge of a flowerbed or path to wash light horizontally or altenatively hanging from a trellis or gazebo. We stock rope light in all the main colours (available by the metre or 45m drum) as well as keeping good stock of the accessories. At only £2.00 per metre this is a great way to highlight your garden for a function or party. Follow the below link to find out more.


    Image result for garden rope lightImage result for garden rope gazebo

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