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    Bathroom Lighting Showroom Bristol

    Posted on: 16 Jul 2019. Category: Bathroom Lighting Showroom Bristol

    We have a big display of bathroom lighting in our Bristol showroom. We work with many leading lighting brands and display various styles of bathroom lights to suit all budgets. The status of bathrooms has changed over time and it is no longer a small white space designed for a quick wash. We are all spending more time in the bathroom and
    correspondingly more money on achieving a quality finish and look. So why scrimp on the lighting? Most bathrooms are built to last ten to twenty years, so it’s well-worth investing the same degree of planning and quality in the lighting particularly as it is by far the most emotionally influential element. Never underestimate how depressing a poor lighting scheme can be. On an average day it is the first room you visit and often the last room at night. Conversely, get it right and you bring the room to life and make it an enriching, positive space. Recessed downlights(normal or Baffled) are the most common ways to light a bathroom due to their flexiblitly of brightness and colour(4000k is recommended as a more natural look). Downlights can be easily positioned directly above the desired area and provide lots of light. Sinks, showers and toilets want for a nice clean wash of bright light.

    Understanding the bathroom rules and regulations.
    IP44 (sometimes written as IP X4) simply means that the light fitting is “splash-proof”, and therefore will withstand the typical level of moisture found in a domestic bathroom.
    Astro offers the largest range of IP44 rated products in Europe, so there is plenty for you to choose from. According to the regulations, you can use IP44 rated lights anywhere in a bathroom, apart from inside the bath itself. A higher level of protection is IP65 which is “jet-proof”. which many brands consider this rating to be safer for light sources fitted within a shower cubicle.

    The basin mirror in the bathroom is the equivalent of the desk in the office. It’s the hub of operations, where most of the ‘work’ takes place. There are several options, but most effective is a solution that illuminates both sides of the face to ensure an even, flattering glow with no shadows. You can achieve this with either an illuminated mirror or wall lights positioned either side of a mirror
    Every basin needs a mirror, so illuminated mirrors provide a simple two-in-one solution. Some also incorporate shaver sockets.
    Follow a typical hotel bathroom design by fitting IP44-rated wall lights either side of a mirror or some fittings can be mounted directly onto the mirror surface using a mirror mounting kit. Not only does this give a very sophisticated 5-star look, but it enables you to fit a mirror that has been cut to exactly the size that best fits the space. Available from budget to luxury prices, they offer a competitive alternative to the illuminated mirror option

    This is where you can have fun and be creative. In the very least you can dim the lights to provide a softer atmosphere, but you can enhance the night time lighting scene significantly with a few extra strategically positioned lights. If you are building-in niches for display or storage, fit LED downlights to really bring it to life. Small wallmounted LED lights can be used to illuminate designated spots in the bathroom and provide light up and down the wall, These can offer good alternative general illumination at night time, when more powerful lamps would be too strong. Recessed LEDs at skirting height are great for providing a wash of light across the floor. One bright idea is to continue the bath panel down to just above the floor and position a strip of LEDs behind it to cast a gentle glow out from behind the panel and make the bath appear to float.

    You can view and buy everything mentioned on our website in the links below: We offer fast UK home delivery.

    Bathroom wall lights:


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    Ablectrics can also offer a design service to help you with any renovations/new builds and have more lights and accessories available than those on our website, please contact us for details.

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