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    Garden Safe Dimmer Switch

    Posted on: 04 Jul 2019. Category: Garden Safe Dimmer switch

    Getting the best out of your garden lighting. The British summertime is the time for relaxing in your garden and the key to relaxing is having the lighting at the right level. Too bright and you spend the whole time trying to avoid it, to dark and you can't see anything. Here at Ablectrics we have outdoor dimmer switches, these dimmers are IP66 and are suitable for LED's(or the older incandescent lamps if you have any left depending on which model you purchase). We make these up ourselves so you won’t find them anywhere else. Whether it's decking lights, garden spike lights, outdoor festoon or just normal wall lights we can dim them all(providing the lamp/bulb is dimmable) if not we can also supply a huge range of dimmable LED lamps. Have your own Outdoor bar, sun terrace or summerhouse(or all 3) and want to dim different circuits independantally this is no problem with the 3 or 4g dimmers available. When it comes to dimming led lights we do not recommened more than 10 on one circuit for these dimmers, If you do have more(a long length of festoon lighting for example) please contact us for options as we can still help but you will need a special LED dimmer to work. Alongside these dimmers we also have the Click mode range of outdoor sockets and switches for complete power options. So make the most of your garden this year and come and see us or check out our website for inspiration.

    You can view our range of garden dimmers, switches and sockets here:

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