BG Nexus Range

Posted on 18 Aug 2021.

BG Nexus Range,

The BG Nexus Range Famed for a simple, stylish design aesthetic, BG Nexus sockets and switches are available with a complete range of functionalities. light switches form 1 gang to 4 gang, fused switches, single and double sockets, sockets with USB charging ports and  fan isolators all benefit from the same appealing rounded edge plate design and the same industry-leading build quality.

Plug Sockets


Changing your standard white plug socket into a Black Nickel socket can add detail to your home instantly. With the plug sockets you can even choose one that features USB chargers so you can charge your phone or tablet whilst you enjoy any other appliance being plugged in. They retrofit into existing plug sockets and add a unique and modern touch to your home.


Shaver Sockets


Don’t forget to include the bathroom when updating your home. The range includes sleek dual voltage shaver sockets that have an integral gasket for moisture protection and come in various finishes including Polished Chrome. 


Dimmer/ Light Switch


Switch up your light switch for a Brushed Steel or Black Nickel switch. With a light-coloured wall this will sure catch any visitor’s eye with the unique contrast. Incorporating a dimmer switch allows you to change the brightness of your lighting. The dimmer switch features push on/off and rotary switches and again, come in all of the beautiful metallic finishes to match the rest of the upgrades.


By incorporating unique and different switch/socket colours you can easily add an aesthetically pleasing new look to your home. Simple and small changes can have a big impact, without having to invest in renovating and large amounts of time.

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