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Posted on 5 Nov 2023.

Where is the best place to buy lighting in the UK? 

This is a question faced by every home builder and developer. With so many showrooms closing or scaling back as the lions share of the market is now online, where is the best lighting showroom. While making this claim seems easy to do we believe we actualy have acheived the top spot. Its not all about the lighting there are other elements one must consider when creating the perfect lighting showroom. Having the latest lighting on display and access to lots of exciting brands is important, there are however some other big factors.

Staff and customer service

Making sure you are well looked after from the moment you visit to the day your lighting is fitted. The staff in any showroom need to be attentive, friendly and have excellent product knowledge. Having now traded for 50 years we have gained a wealth of knowledge about the lighting market, the products and the customers. We work hard to exceed customers expectations and deliver superior customer service. Our business has now traded over a 5 decade period and this means we know our products. In some cases we have worked with lighting brands and suppliers from the start, and have helped them grow and understand the market and our customers requirments. Co developing products and launching new brands and concepts to the market. In 2015 we were the very first company to sell the LED filament squirrel cage. Traveling over to the Hong Kong lighting fair to ensure the lamp was perfect and exactly what our customers wanted. 

Find out more about this in our new YouTube Video click here

The staff here are well trained and always work hard to learn about any new brands and lighting. Regular training days are attended to ensure we stay on top of all things lighting. This is refreshing for interior designers and architcets alike who are valued on their ability to offer fresh and exciting ideas for their clients. We are happy to work with end users and professionals alike and the approach we take when working with any new clients is to ensure you are happy and met with enthusiaum and support. We appreciate building a house is very exciting and often a once in a lifetime event, some people have worked hard for many years to put themselves in a possition to build a dream house, we feel the same and love working closely with you on a project. Solving problems and finding the perfect light fitting for any space. 

Lighting design service

There are many lighting showrooms around the UK and they often work with lighting designers. The showrooms themselves don't offer the service directly. This means you need to find a designer and a showroom and pull the two together. We offer an in house professional award winning lighting design service. There is no need to go elsewhere, you can get a gorgeous lighting design and a fantastic choice of over 30k lights all from one showroom. It became clear to us that simply having a showroom and a display of lighting was not enough when striving to be the best lighting supplier. Clients need help, and with lighting now such an important factor on a design it is essential you get it right. LED lighting has brought with it a new set of rules. You now have to consider colour temp, CRI, lumen output and dimming. Its great to see so many options and to be able to choose so precisely what is needed, but understanding how to achieve the best results requires knowledge and experience. We have both.

The lighting designer whom works here has 16 years of experience and has won a national award for the best lighting design service in the UK. You can find out more about the designer and the way he works in our new Youtube video click here. To schedule an appointment ahead of your visit with our lighting designer please email or call the showroom. Our contact details are below. You can also follow our designer and company owner on Instagram click here.

0117 9425355   

[email protected]

Working with the best

It would simply not be possible for us to offer the customer service and all round experience we do if it was not for the support of the suppliers whom we work with. We rely on the manufactueres to keep to delivery time frames, produce good quality products and support us should anything go wrong. We are very strict on the suppliers and have even ceased trading with companies who have failed to meet our expectations. Without great service and ongoing sales support we are not able to operate our showroom smoothly. We have traded for so many years because our customers have come to appreciate the efforts we make and the high level of quality products we supply. Choosing who we work with very carefuly and building strong relationships with the suppliers. As they say the art of a good buinsessman is being a great middleman. Given most of what we do is represent and sell other peoples products, these suppliers need to recognize our core values and have a shared vision for our objectives as a lighting showroom. Some of the pedigree brands we supply and have on display include;

Rako Home automation


Hudson Valley

Astro Lighting

Ideal Lux


We deal directly with these brands and we have great displays throughout the showroom.  

Lighting workshop

This is our final ace. Not only do we have an amazing lighting showroom full of the best lighting brands coupled with an award winning lighting design service, we also design and handmake lighting. This started after the great success of the LED squirrel cage lamp we brought to market in 2015. This showed us that we the ability to bring our ideas to life. Listening to our customers demands and taking the time to spot gaps in the market that added value to our customers. Not many companies take the initiative to start a lighting brand and invest their profits. It was clear to us that taking things to this next level ensured that our clients got exactly what they wanted. Fraser Besant Lighting is all made in the workshop above the showroom. Specializing in urban and industrial lighting designs. While this style of lighting may not be to everyones tastes, what having a workshop means is we can adapt and customize lighting to suit your build. An example of this is changing the cable colour on a pendant. We get asked many times to rewire lighting to add fabric coloured cable to enhance the look. There are many pendant designs out there where the manufactuer has used a black plastic cable rather than a more interesting colour/finish. We can fix this. 

Value for time

Many of the clients who come and visit us are very busy. Some have taken a day off work to come to see us even staying the night in Bristol as they have come so far. We are very grateful for the opportunity to work on your dream house and appreciate time is important. So alongside the lighting showroom there is also a great independant electrical wholesalers, Ablectrics. On display here you will find the latest CCTV kit, electric designer heating, door entry and access control, security systems, EV car chargers and the best solar panels. All the things the home builder needs to complete the perfect build. The focus of your visit may be lighting but while you are in the showroom why not talk to us about heating, cctv or an EV car charger. Not many showrooms have this kit on display for you to see, again its now mainly sold online. We are proud to offer our customers to option to come in and see the products working and ask any questions they might have. So your visit to us can cover so much more than just your lighting. 

Home cinema demo room 

Lots of the high end homes we have worked on now have media rooms or full home cinemas. When we moved into our brand new premises in April 2022 the space was much larger and there was a large confrence room space behind the warehouse. So after careful planning we partnered up with Owen Maddocks, who runs a very succesfull and award winning cinema company. He shared our vision for the space and we felt having this demo suite would work hand in hand with the lighting showroom. Having again identified that there was no other lighting showroom in the UK who had a cinema room. It also provided an amazing space into which we could showcase our lighting design skills. In 2023 this demo room was shortlisted for two industry awards including the best home cinema demo room in Europe and the best lighting design. To make it to the finals for not one but two awards was a real testimant to Owens hard work. With both the lighting showroom and this cinema suite both in the same place and the expertise of our lighting designer, if you are asking yourself where is the best place to visit to choose your new lighting, then I think you have found it. 

The address for our showroom is 

Frasers House of Lighting 33 Zetland Road, Bristol, BS6 7AH

We have a spacious car park with free EV car charging. Open 6 days a week. 

Free 0800 180 4509 7.30AM-5PM
[email protected] | 33 Zetland Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 7AH
Company Number: 10317738
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