The best led GU10? The all new cri 95 2700k Led that you'd never know was led

Posted on 2 Mar 2015.

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“If, like us, you really care about the quality of light in your home, then this LED spot is 95% efficient at defining colour.” It produces a wider range of colours in the spectrum which will greatly enhance your home, idea for natural stone, artwork and skin tone.
Exactly the same in both colour and size, the 7w Dimmable LED Spotlight is the perfect replacement for less efficient Halogen 50w spotlight bulbs. We have been sourcing and selling LED lamps for 10 years now and only work with leading brands that offer reliable and affordable LEDs.
This 7w dimmable spot offers the very best LED lighting for your home with a CRI of 95.
Smart LED Chip delivers outstanding performance
Small & Compact means quick and easy installation
Smooth dimming with wide dimmable range
Engineered to support the vast majority of existing UK dimmer units
Efficient Heat Dissipation
Innovative power supply uses SMPS technology
86% Energy Saving Potential
Check it out online now and order a sample.

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