Bedroom Lighting ideas

Posted on 3 Oct 2019.

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Bedroom Lighting ideas

Bedrooms should be a haven of calm, and lighting is key in setting the scene. Give consideration to this when in the initial planning stages of your project. By layering and blending Ambient, Task and Feature lighting you will create a peaceful setting with good lighting for reading, dressing and awakening, follow these three steps to make your bedroom a calming and functional place

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Ambient Mooid Lighting

Located either side of a bed or near the door downlights are a popular choice but should be used sparingly. Positioning them in corners to make the bedroom feel bigger. Lighting a single wall or wardrobe front so the reflection produces a softer light thats reflected into the space rather than above the bed which gives an uncomfortable glare. A centrally positioned pendant or ceiling light will bathe the room in a soft light. Wall lights are ideal for giving the softer ambient light needed for waking or going to bed.

Task Lighting

Specific lighting for reading and inside cupboards or wardrobes will give you light where you need it without disturbing the peace. Wall lights that incorporate a reading arm are perfect for this task without interrupting anyone else. LED strip and surface mounted cabinet lighting work best for wardrobes.

Feature Lighting

Feature lighting can both provide interest and act as a night light. LED strip behind the headboard, or under the bed for a floating effect. recessed wall lights will guide the way to a door and give interesting patterns on the floor, Try to combine at least 2 different light sources so you can layer your light. Still need help? we offer a lighting design service for your project.

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