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    Vent Axia Lot 20 Electric Panel Heaters

    Posted on: 27 Oct 2020. Category: Vent Axia Lot 20 Electric Panel Heaters

    Vent Axia Lot 20 Electric Panel Heaters

    Explaining LOT 20

    Lot 20 is a new Ecodesign legislation from the EU which affects electric space heating, Introduced in January 2018, all local space heaters which use electricity, gaseous or liquid fuels, will have to comply with a minimum efficiency standard under Lot 20 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This includes electric radiators/panel heaters, electric and gas fires and electric underfloor heating. The aim is to ensure that inefficient technologies are replaced with energy efficient products that aim to reduce the amount of energy used in our homes, thus helping to achieve our overall carbon reduction targets. This will be achieved by regulating the operation of local space heaters through the use of intelligent controls.
    Manufacturers will be required to incorporate functions within their products, which may include temperature controls with day/week timers, presence detection, adaptive start control and distance control functions and open window detection, making products more sophisticated. This new legislation will mean that more energy efficient products will enter the market, operated via intelligent controls. The knock-on effect of this will mean that manufacturers of controllers and/or the components that make up these control systems will also need to increase the efficiency of their products.

    Comfort Heating
    Lot 20 Panel Heaters are direct acting heaters, used to heat up a space quickly with 100% efficiency. Vent-Axia’s Panel Heaters offer a range of heat outputs from 1kW to 2kW and every model comes with electronic thermostatic control and 12 pre-set heating programmes. Vent-Axia Panel Heaters look as good as they perform. Stylish and slim, they occupy minimal wall space and are finished in an attractive gloss white finish. Vent-Axia Panel Heaters are wall mounted and connected to the permanent electrical supply via a fused connection switched outlet. Vent-Axia Panel Heaters are supplied with mounting brackets, 1.5m of flex and come fitted with an easy to use LCD display screen. You can view the rest of our electric heating on our website here.

    Electric Radiators vs Panel Heaters | Electric Radiators Direct

    Adjustable Electronic Thermostat
    All Vent-Axia Panel Heaters have a built-in adjustable thermostat offering a full temperature range between 5-30°C, including a 5°C frost protection setting. For maximum safety there is also a child safety lock and thermal cutout on all models to prevent overheating should the outlet grille be accidentally covered.

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    Trusted Trades - Electricians in Bristol

    Posted on: 20 Oct 2020. Category: Trusted Trades - Electricians in Bristol

    Trusted Trades - Electricians in Bristol

    Ablectrics, being one of Bristol's oldest Electrical wholesalers has built up relationships with many electricians and builders over the years. We supply 1000's of different products to our customers and with the consistantly changing regulations they need some one to install these items correctly(and with the right documentation).We wanted to improve on this service and help people as best we can find a good electrician so we decided to develop a “trusted trades” website to showcase the very best electricians we know as finding a reliable local electrician can be tough so we have selected 6 of our best to create our trusted trades website. This website gives you direct links to each one of them and they can help with the following and more


    Electrical Re-Wires
    Test & Inspection
    New Builds
    Extensions & Loft Conversions
    Fuse Board Changes

    Bishopston Electrical Services Ltd. (@BishopstonLtd) | Twitter

    Landlord Certificates
    Fire Alarms
    Low Energy Lighting
    Electric Car Charging Points
    Garden Electrics
    Home Automation

    Smart Lighting Controls | Rako Lighting Solutions

    Quality of Work

    Each one of the 6 have either worked directly in our showroom or some of our own houses and have been involved with many designs our award winning lighting desginer has produced. Below you can find links to thier portfolio's.







    Lighting Design

    If you are only just started on a project and need help with any aspect of your lighting we can help, From downlights to feature pendants we have you covered. You can either book a showroom visit(in this current climate we are taking bookings) to come see our selection on display or a more detailed meeting with our designer and can walk you round the showroom and outline particular light fittings he thinks will work in your home. We can also incorporate home automation with the range of Rako controls products in any design


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    Minimalist Modern Ceiling Lights

    Posted on: 07 Oct 2020. Category: Minimalist Modern Ceiling Lights

    Minimalist Modern Ceiling Lights

    Minimalism is synonymous with modern interiors. In contrast to the rural look, there are no distinctive decorations to brighten up a space. Clean lines and simple forms characterise this interior style, which is what makes minimalism a very pure design philosophy. When Lighting your space clean lines can be kept by using recessed downlights and LED tape, this keeps any large ceiling mounted light fitting from looking out of place. Downlights are a great way to create zones, navigate around a space or highlight art and can provide in-fill light or task lighting for example over a kitchen island. Downlights themselves come in a variety of styles including trimless and baffled. Rooms to benifit from these downlights are Modern, open, kitchens or living rooms or even home cinemas where the lighting can dimmed when using the room for watching a film. We offer a lighting design service and can help you plan from a room to a complete new build.

    Astro Trimless 230V recessed lamp at Nostraforma


    Integral Evofire is a range of slim(1mm) bezelled fire rated downlight which is up to 10 times thinner than typical IP65 rated downlights and fits almost flush with your ceiling, so the downlight looks discreet and pleasing in any setting. The canless design does not conceal your lamp in a large metal canister, which can trap some of the heat it generates, lowering lamp lifetime and performance therefore extending the lifetime of your lamps. The Baffled version holds the lamp higher in the ceiling, resulting in a designer look with lower glare. Trimless, or plaster-in downlights take away the bezel completely, fitted prior to plastering the ceiling these take a little more time to install and we have been providing the Astro trimless downlight for many years on our designs.

    We now have a new directional slim line downlight that can also be plastered in. This All LED iCAN75 tiltable downlight comes in 3 finishes, being tiltable allows for more areas of installation including in vaulted ceilings to keep the light directing straight down.

    Trimless Invisible Plaster-in Downlight For Gu10 Lamps | Downlights,  Interior, House design

    LED Tape

    We offer a full bespoke LED tape service and we can solder joins and link leads. Available in 3 different wattages for different aspects of lighting(decorative to task) and warm or cool white there are lots of possiblilties to light your room. Aluminium profile is also available to hide the tape when it cannot be hidden elsewhere. To get a quote for this please send us your measurements. Please note with 12v tape due to voltage drop the maximum run that can be achieved including the input lead and all the joins is 7 metres. Any longer than this and you will need a 24v tape.


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