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  • Summer 2020 Bedroom Fans

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    Bedroom fans in stock now.

    We are pleased to say we are now stocking a wide range of Cooling Fans, ideal for this summers' hot weather. We have Desk Fans in 9inch (ideal for sitting on a bedside table), 12inch and 16inch. Large 16inch Pedestal Fans (which normally sit in the corner of the room) and tower fans for areas of limited space. The fans can be static or oscillating and have 3 speed settings (the 9inch desk has 2 speed settings). Our fans are easy to assemble and great for home offices, lounges and of course your bedroom. With the sticky hot nights fast approaching make sure you have a fan on the ready. We have all sizes and colours in stock now ready to collect and you can even order online!



    All our fans come with a 2 year guarantee for peace of mind.

    Whichever size you choose to help cool you down during this summer we still offer our contactless collation and delivery. Please be aware whilst we currently have good stock levels on all models we expect these fans to sell quickly so act fast to avoid disapointment! You can order online or over the phone. Contactless collection is available. 

    Our store opening Hours are Monday to Friday 8am To 4pm but our website is open 247

  • Lighting Showroom Re-Opens May 2020

    Posted on: 20 May 2020. Category: Lighting Showroom Re-Opens May 2020

    We are happy to anounce that after being closed due to Covid-19 we are now opening the showroom by appointment only. This way we can ensure the showroom is clean and sanitized before and after every visit. We advise no more than 2 people attend the appontment (If this is not possible please notify us in advance and we shall try and accomodate) and the attendees are from the same household.

    The we now have a trade counter set-up at the front of the store will be open to the public for orders and collections however customers will not be able to go into the showroom without a pre-booked apointment.

    We are offering our Award Winning lighting design service again so self builders, developers, designers and the general public can now schedule an apointment to discuss all upcoming lighting projects.

    We have many brands avaiable online and instore including Asto, Eglo, Nordlux, Seletti and Ideal Lux so we can cater for almost any style of lighting design in and outside you home.

    For more information please feel free to contact one of our friendly staff members on 0117 9425355 or email:

    Our opening hours are currently 8AM to 4PM Monday to Friday.





  • Covid May 11th 2020 update

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    Ablectrics Covid May 11th 2020 update

    Given the most recent update allowing construction and building services to resume work we are pleased to announce we are allowing customers into the showroom by appointment with a maximum of 2 customers at any given time (Single household). We are also now serving the general public from a counter at the front of the showroom. We are operating reduced trading hours; Monday to Friday 8AM to 3PM.

    If you wish to visit the showroom please contact us before arriving so we can ensure the showroom has been cleaned and disinfected for you saftey.

    Please follow the 2 metre guidelines when instore.

    We are still operating our online, telephone and email contactless collection or same day delivery sevice (trade only) we are also delivering through courier services as normal (our standard terms and conditions apply).

    If you need any assistance or to arrange an appointment for a showroom time please call on Tel: 0117-9425355 or email:

    Please note that our ecommerce site : is sill operating as normal with a huge range of products and some great blogs giving helpful tips of all aspects of lighting.

    Stay safe and Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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    How to light your lounge/snug

    Posted on: 05 May 2020. Category: How to light your lounge/snug

    How to light your lounge/snug.

    A step by step guide from our award winning lighting designer
    Fraser Besant.

    Step 1.
    So a lounge like any room will need a primary source of  light. There are a few ways to approach this. If you want a clean modern feel then inset downlights would work well here. I would recommend you use a baffled anti-glare downlight. The LED sits up inside the downlight and creates a narrow beam of light. When positioning your downlights you first want to create a floorplan and work out where the furniture is going. Below is an example of a lounge design I worked on recently so you can see how to best position your spots.

    I would aways recommend you use a warm white 2700-3000k LED lamp in a lounge. This is a more inviting and relaxing source of light. I would also pay the extra and go for dimmable lamps. That way you can control the amount of light intensity and enjoy the lighting for different uses.

    If inset downlights are not for you and you want to add some charector and make more of a statement with the lighting then a centraly located ceiling pendant is the way forward. There are 1000s of fabric, glass and decoartive pendants available. I love the swag pendants. So a central 3-7 way multi outlet ceiling rose. You then drape the cables across the room using hooks and exposed filament lamps. The benefit here is you can easily adapt the lighting around the furniture. You can suspend the lamps exactly where you want them. We offer 20+ colours of fabric cable, a huge range of lampholders and roses and a massive choice of designer filament lamps.


    LED tape and where to use it.
    We supply LED tape to nearly everyone who is working on their home. It is easy to install, energy efficient and lasts 10+ years. If you have cabinets or shelving being built in your lounge and plan to display pictures or ornaments then LED tape is an ideal way to highlight this. You can route a thin grove into the shelf and fit  a discreet LED profile and tape. Switch this separately to the main pendant or spotlights. We offer our LED tape in 2700k warm white as you will want to match the colour of the main source of light. It can also be fully dimmable. So again you can adjust the light levels.

    If you have any feature ceiling windows then again LED tape can be used to accent these. While a large statement window on the ceiling is appealing as you get all that natural light during the day, at night it becomes a big black rectangle on the ceiling. You have also taken away valuable ceiling space onto which you may want a source of light. Frame the window up with profile and point an LED tape up at the glass. This will reflect the light back into the room, you have in essence created a skylight at night.


    Side lamps and floor lights.
    Something I use on nearly every lounge lighting design is 5amp lighting sockets. These are round pin sockets designed to power your lamps only. They can be switched or dimmed from the wall control meaning you don't need to walk over to each lamp and turn it on/off.

    So what you do is cut the normal 13a UK plug off your lamps and quickly wire on this special round pin plug. This conforms to all the regs and is a nice touch in a lounge or snug. On my designs I try to position the 5amp sockets around the sofas as this is where you will likely want the lamp. If unsure just allow for one in each corner of the room. That way if you move furniture around you can change the lighting to suit the new room layout.


    Wall lights.


    I love feature and minimalist wall lights and have them in my lounge at home. They push the lighting around the perimeter of the room and I use my wall lights and floor lamp more than I ever use my central pendant. We offer a stylish ceramic range of wall lights which project a jet of light up and down the wall. These can be painted to blend into the wall. You also don't see the light bulb, so you get no glare from the light. When they are off you simply don't notice them.

    Below is an example of a lounge lighting design I worked on recently so you can see how and where to position your wall lights.

    If your sofa is not possitioned against a wall you may want to consider fitting a simple floor socket. This will allow you to plug in phone, chargers and lamps. If not you will have to use a nearby socket on the wall and this will likely mean you have a trip hazzard as the cable will run across the floor.

    In my next email I will be covering home automation and how to control all of your lighting. To discuss anything with me further please call or email me 01179425355 or follow me on social media, I always post my design work and live projects.






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    How to light your new bedroom.

    Posted on: 01 May 2020. Category: How to light your new bedroom.

    How to light your new bedroom.
    A step by step guide from our award winning lighting designer Fraser Besant.

    Step 1.
    Choosing a ceiling light. The type of light you use will be dictated by the ceiling. If you have a flat ceiling  in the room then I would always recommend a central pendant light. This ideally sits just over the foot of the bed and I am a fan of fabric shades, these work well with bedding and can compliment other fabrics in the bedroom. If you have a vaulted ceiling or a pitch then you will want to choose a suspended pendant light. Something that hangs from the ceiling to bring the light into the room. The position of the light again wants to be above the foot of the bed. See an example of a bedroom lighting design I did recently.

    In your bedroom I would always recommend you use a warm white LED lamp. Lighting in the red spectrum helps you to relax. This is because red light will help trigger a hormone in the brain called melatonin. This will also help you sleep better at night. You will also want to make sure the bedroom lighting is dimmable. Below are some examples of the types of LED lamps I would strongly recommend for lighting your bedroom nicely.

    If you have a large bedroom to light, a make up table, desk or dresser and you need additional lighting then downlights are the answer. Use a baffled anti glare downlight to get the best results. If you have a vaulted ceiling and you cannot fit a downlight then fit a surface adjustable spotlight. Again these should be warm white and dimmable. Split the circuits down so the main ceiling light and downlights can be switched independently.

    LED tape and where to use it.
    We supply LED tape to nearly everyone who is working on their home. It is easy to install, energy efficient and lasts 10+ years. There are two areas in a bedroom ideal for the use of LED tape. The first is inside the wardrobe. Fit the tape inside a surface profile and fit a small sensor switch by the doors, when you open the door just like a fridge the internal light source comes on and you can see all your clothing and accessories.



    The other application is to uplight the ceiling. This works really well if you have a high ceiling or a vaulted ceiling and you want to throw light into the open space. Again you want to split this circuit down so you can use just the LED tape on its own. We can also supply fully dimmable LED tape in warm white.

    Bedside lighting.
    Whether you read in bed or just need some light to see by, a bedside light is imperative. Some people like a decorative lamp. While this will do the job I personally am not a fan. They take up quite a lot of room. Another option is to suspend a single lamp from the ceiling just next to the bed head over the bedside table. The issue with this is you only have one source of light. My preferred solution to this is a dual LED reading and decorative wall light. Firstly the light sits on the wall neatly, freeing up space on your bedside table. You also get two types of light, a targeted LED adjustable reading light and a nice accent decorative light. I have these lights in my bedroom and they work well. They also match the ceiling pendants. Various colours and styles are available.


    Low level accent lighting.

    Often in a master bedroom you will have a walkway or corridor leading into the main room. Often this will pass an ensuite or dressing room. If you want to afford a subtle touch of light here then why not consider a low level LED guide light. These sit in the wall appro 200mm from the floor and project a wash of light onto the floor. They are also useful at night when you want just enough light to guide you to the bathroom but want to avoid turning on the main lighting in the room.

    The finishing touches.
    In a bedroom you will want to consider USB charging sockets left and right of the bedhead. We have these in a variety of finishes. The screwless flatplate USB socket is a nice touch and looks great. Don't forget if you plan to have a TV in the bedroom make sure you run a data cable so you can plug in your smart TV, you will find it works much better if its hard wired back to the router. We also supply a range of Google Nest products that would work well in the bedroom, like the new Google Home hub.

    I hope you find these useful, please feel free to contact me to ask any questions you have.

    You can also follow me on social media.




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