January 2020

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    Electrical Wholesalers in Bristol Who Deliver

    Posted on: 24 Jan 2020. Category: Electrical wholesalers in Bristol who deliver

    Electrical Wholesalers in Bristol Who Deliver

    Ablectrics offers a local same day delivery service between 9:00 and 15:00 Monday to Friday. We aim to be on site within an hour of receiving the order, this of course depends on if the vans are already out and about when the order is placed. Minimum order value is £50 + VAT for free delivery within 3 miles of the shop and we go further a field for a small milage charge, Any orders that do not reach £50+ VAT has a £4.00 + VAT fuel charge. We will travel further for free for larger orders of £500.00 or above.


    Ablectrics - About us

    Ablectrics has been trading for 46 years and is one of Bristols oldest electrical wholesalers and have a large lighting showroom situated on the Gloucester Road. We also offer a professional lighting design service to help with any renovation or new build. The Business was started in 1974 and we are often described as an institution by our customers because of our unrivalled product knowledge and huge range of stock. It is not unusual for customers to travel across the country to visit our award winning lighting showroom and speak to our lighting designer.



    Here in store we keep a larger number of well known brands on the shelf for either first or second fix. Pitacs, contactum, Wago, Wiska, univolt, Fusebox, Chint and BG are some of the manufacturers for installtions materials while Schneider, Airflow, Aico, Click, Bell and Integral are some who cover second fix basics. Our lighting suppliers feel like they are never ending(and therfore not all products in stock) and include Elstead, Astro, Eglo Searchlight and Seletti.

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    Fusebox Stockists in Bristol

    Posted on: 23 Jan 2020. Category: Fusebox Stockists in Bristol

    Fusebox Stockists in Bristol

    New to Ablectrics for 2020 the FuseBox circuit protection range of metal consumer units and protection devices, offers flexible versatile solutions for the 18th Edition electrical installations. This 18th Edition range has been designed to allow a two module SPD to be fitted to the RHS of the incomer without affecting the number of usable ways. 

    T2 Surge Protection Device

    Surge Protection Devices(or SPD) prevent the spread of over- voltages in the electrical installations and protects equipment connected to it preventing premature ageing of equipment, logic failures and down time or even complete destruction of equipment within the entire electrical installation. 

    Image of FuseBox T2 Surge Protection Device

    Trade Accounts

    Ablectrics offers same day (up to 3pm) local delivery for our trade accounts up to a 3 mile radius (£50+VAT minimum order). Apply for an account today to receive special offers, new products and supplier training/breakfast mornings.


    Ablectrics are always striving to provide outstanding service - if you have any particular brands you would like to see on our shelves let us know!

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    Fermax Door Entry Stockist in Bristol

    Posted on: 21 Jan 2020. Category: Fermax Door Entry Stockist in Bristol

    Fermax Door Entry Stockist in Bristol

    Fernax Door Entry is a leading audio and video door entry systems and control Access systems manufacturer. They offer home automation and security solutions for the home with a great range of video door entry systems, telephones and panels for any kind of need, with basic and advanced functions. Always at the forefront of cutting edge technologies

    Image result for fermax

    A total revolution in video door entry systems


    True to their commitment to make the best technology available to the mainstream market, Fermax releases the DUOX VEO WiFi and DUOX VEO-XS WiFi monitors with integrated Internet connectivity, which allows calls at home to be diverted to the user's smartphone or tablet. WiFi connectivity on monitors sets a radical change in video door entry, as it allows the user to interact when they are away from their home as they would if they were at home. Thanks the call divert to smartphone and tablet, users can see the person that is at their front door, have a conversation with the them or open the door if they want to, from anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter whether you're in the office, travelling or on holiday, in or out of the house: you can answer any call made to your video door entry system, any time: just download Fermax's free BLUE app and pair the monitor with your mobile device.  With the new DUOX VEO WiFi and DUOX VEO-XS WiFi monitors, FERMAX has taken the leap into the "Internet of Things", a revolutionary concept where objects are connected to make life easier. 



    Fermax provides the most suitable technology for every type of audio/video door entry system, tailoring this service to meet the needs and budgetary requirements of each client, We do keep a small range of basic kits here in stock but any larger project we would recommend paying us a visit with your specification to discuss your needs and tailor a system for you.

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    Bell Lighting Stockist Bristol

    Posted on: 16 Jan 2020. Category: Bell Lighting Stockist

    Bell Lighting Stockist Bristol

    Bell Lighting were established in 1920, British Electric lamps Ltd (BELL) have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of light sources and fixtures to the electrical wholesale industry. Continued investment in cutting edge technology has gained BELL a reputation in the industry for unique energy saving product manufactured to the highest specification. The onsite laboratory and QC control centre ensure product meets the highest standards for performance and safety and comply with all the latest EU conformity requirements.They are dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of professionalism, warmth, pride and company spirit and will endeavour to do everything in their power to serve the customer to the best of our ability.

    Image result for bell lighting

    LED Fittings

     Bell Lighting have a large range of dedicated LED units, Ranging from domestic downlights to Commercial High bays and floodlights. All these products undergo a stringent set of quality control procedures in their own Lighting Laboratory. The Illumina LED High/Low bay is a geniune replacement for 250/400w metal halide and is a fully sealed fixture making it ideal for food preparation and cold storage areas(when fitted with the matching cover). The Skyline LED floodlight range give you replacements for either halogen or metal halide outdoor lighting, They come with a marine grade body and have available marine grade mounting brackets and screws for coastal areas. The firestay LED Smart connect downlight is their newest downlight, giving you complete control of brightness and colour from your android or ios device. dimmable to 10% and colour varying from 2200k to 6300k every room can look exactly as you want it when you want it.


    LED Lamps

    Bell's LED lamps are all batch tested in their own quailty assurance facility with some of the test being cap torque tests, dimmer compatibility and photometric sphere tests. Giving you assurance the lamps are the most energy efficient units they can be. Dimming can be a tricky business, and because there are no standards in place for LED dimming, there is no guarantee that a certain lamp will work with a certain dimmer. Incompatibilities between lamps and dimmers can cause flickering, reduced dimming ranges, and can even cause damage and reduce the life span of the lamp. For these reasons Bell are dedicated to testing the lamps so that you know how they will perform on your dimmers, and will continue to update information. The lamps are compatible with most leading edge dimmers, but due to the variety and constant development of new units, not all suitable dimmers will be included. Hamilton, Varilight and Rako are just some of the manufacturers that work well.





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    Electric Heater Stockists In Bristol

    Posted on: 10 Jan 2020. Category: Electric Heater Stockists In Bristol

    Electric Heater Stockists In Bristol

    Electric Heating has 2 main types, portable and fixed. Fixed includes panel heaters and nightstores while portable includes fan, convector, halogen and oil filled. All electric heaters are considered to be 100% efficient as they convert all the power consumed into heat so there is nothing wasted but some are more expensive to run than others as they give more heat.

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    Fixed Heating

    Panel heaters or also know as electric raidiators are wall mounted convection heaters which can be used as primary heating for a room, these heaters heat the air and have various sizes depending on room size. These are not to be confused with infrared panel heaters which heats objects as opposed to the air so you get warmer quicker. Infrared heater are more expensive to buy but more efficient.

    Nightstores are so called as they store up the electricity overnight(when its cheaper) and slowly release the heat during the day, This 'off peak' consumption would need a dual tariff account to use. You have 2 settings, one for how much you store overnight and the other for how much you want during the next day, Some models have timer and boost functions for extra control.

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    Portable Heating

    Portable heating is exactly as it sounds as you just plug them into a socket and use them where you wish. You get 2 types which are radiant and convector, radiant gives you quick heat in a small area and are good for heating a person while convector will heat an area. Radiant heaters are halogen or fan heaters and generally do not have thermostat(to control them) while convectors and oil filled come under convector heating.

    Image result for warmlite halogen heater

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    Lighting Sale Bristol

    Posted on: 09 Jan 2020. Category: Lighting Sale Bristol

    Lighting Sale Bristol

    Looking for Lighting? Saturday 8th February is the time to buy. We are offering 15% off Lighting and LED light bulbs instore and online. We are open 08:00 to 17:30 on saturdays but due to the success of the day we do recommend to come down early if need you a bit more time spent with you to help choosing your lights, alternatively pay a visit to us in the weeks beforehand and we can get you a quote ready to go on the day.

    Image result for sale banner

    Low Energy Light Bulbs

    LED's(light emitting diodes) is now the main type of light source available for lighting your home. ranging from bc and es gls, candles and golf balls to cooker hood lamps we have you covered. Their long life and low power consumption make them an ideal choice to save you money on your electricity bill. Converting recessed downlights to LED is generally where you would see the quickest saving as these, when used, are in areas of high usage(kitchens and bathrooms) and are in high number. On this sale day if you spend over £500.00 on LEDs the discount raises from 15% to 20% on them.

    Our Showroom

    Our showroom, for those of you who haven't visited us before is situated on the Gloucester Road and we have been here for over 45 years. If you ave visited before our light fittings on display do change regularly so it may be time for anther visit. Our own brand of Fraser Besant lighting fittings and LED's is increasing including the new handmade Velvet drum shades. If you cannot make it to us on the day a voucher code will be active over the weekend to purchase online, the code to use is FEB15 and will be active all day sunday as well as the saturday.

    Come and visit our award winning showroom in Bristol



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    Rako Suppliers Bristol

    Posted on: 07 Jan 2020. Category: Rako Suppliers Bristol

    Rako Suppliers Bristol

    Rako Home Automation is a affordable and reliable wireless home automation system. Providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of a diverse range of applications, including leading the way in providing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology. Rako realise that planning a project can be confusing, especially with the vast array of lamp types and fittings now available. With an unparalleled range of products, together with a hugely experienced support team, there's always someone able and willing to help.

    Image result for rako controls

    Applications For The Home

    Mood lighting systems offer the user the ability to recall a scene, or mood of lighting at the touch of a single button despite controlling multiple circuits and lamp types. Circuits are split to define zones, highlighting room features and are programmed to suit the different uses of a space. To achieve this each lighting circuit has a simple inline receiver fitted. You can get them suitable for RGB tape, LED downlights, even non dimmable lights and blind control . These sit inline and control the lights. The mood controller holds up to 7 scenes which can be programmed and changed as you wish. The wall control sends a simple command to each reciver which then turns the lighting on/off or dims it to a preffered setting. It really is a clever and user friendly system that makes controlling multiple lighting circuits very easy. You can also get the buttons on the wireless mood control engraved so each one says the name of the scene, for example dining, party, garden, TV

    Image result for rako controls

    Demonstration Pod

    In our Bristol showroom we have a fully functioning set up to show you how you can control different zones in one area, Our lighting designer can plan you whole house as part of his design and is more than happy to talk about any questions you might have.

    Image result for rako controls


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    LED Tape Profile Stockists

    Posted on: 03 Jan 2020. Category: LED Tape Profile Stockists

    LED Tape Profile Stockists

    LED tape profile has a multitude of uses, The most common reason for buying it is for hiding the LED tape itself but is also a great way to pull heat away(heat sink) from the LED's to keep their lifespan. Another reason is to protect the tape from any accidental impact damage from tape situated in areas of traffic(underneath kitchen units). A final reason is to offer secondary lighting, whether it's a discreet shadow Gap profile or a simple angled profile we have you(and your LED tape) covered.

    There are 2 main types of LED profile, Aluminium and Paintable.Aluminium is practical and hardwearing and is great for furniture lighting such as cabinets or under counters. As Aluminium profiles have a diffuser that clips on top they are great at keeping the dust out, some are waterproof too for exterior use. Paintable profile is used for wall washing and decorative, We stock a range of the Orac decor profiles who specialise in this type. You can also use multple profiles together to create a shadow gap, this allows a small beam of light to emit and is great for cinema rooms, snugs or evening lounges. We recommend the use of a aluminium tape in the Orac profile to act as a heat sink. We have a lot of the profiles on display in our Bristol showroom as well as having a selection in stock to take away the same day. Need some help installing? We have a list of trusted Electricians that can help.

    LED Tape

    The LED tape itself comes in many variations, warm or cool white(colour changing can also be ordered) and different brightnesses(wattage per metre). We offer a bespoke service to be able to offer the lengths you need for any room as well as supplying suitable drivers for them. LED tape is an easy way to add extra light discretely to a room. Fit LED tape to the bottom of shelves, for example, to add a great warmth of light to a lounge. We always recommend warm white LED tape in lounges, dinning rooms and bedrooms, and a cool white LED tape for bathrooms and kitchens. The new LED tape now available can also be dimmed with using the correct drivers and dimmers. Our Bespoke LED tape is commercial and domestic suitable with an IP65 rating and a 3 year guarantee

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