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  • Copper and grey kitchen ideas

    Posted on: 30 Dec 2019. Category: copper and grey kitchen ideas

    Copper and grey kitchens.

    So 2019 is almost over and we have seen a very busy year with lots of new light fittings, designs and interiors. The most popular trend we have picked up in 2019 that will be even bigger in 2020 is the grey and copper kitchens. We offer a full lighting design service and the amount of kitchens we are working on which are grey in colour, industrial and modern in design with copper detailing such as the handles is massive. We are often tasked with finding copper downlights and copper pendants. Some people want a big statment copper light while others seek a more subtle design with a hint of copper. Below we will go over some of the best lighting solutions we have found in 2019 to help our customers create;

    The perfect grey kitchen.

    So starting with the ceiling spotlights. Every kitchen design needs a primary source of light. You can get over 500lm from an LED spotlight lamp.  An average sized family kitchen will need around 6-10 of these recessed downlights to afford the right amount of primary light. These can of course be fitted to a dimmer switch to bring the light levels down. We offer polished copper, verdigris patina copper and aged copper industrial fire rated downlights. These are all available to buy online and are all on display now in our Bristol lighting showroom. 

    Remember if you need any help with your lighting design please contact us directly.

    Next the feature pendant lights. The most popular and best selling pendant this year for us has been the clear glass ball pendant. So much so we have started making our own range of these. The clear glass 300mm ball is a simple and effective design. With the squirrel cage filament lamps still being the favourite lamp these clear glasss balls are a great way to show the lamp off. They also do not obstruct the view across the room. If you want to add a touch of copper to your grey and copper kitchen then we offer this clear glass pendant with a rose gold lampholder. You can even have it wired with a copper or grey fabric cable. These are on display now in the showroom and take 3-4 days for us to wire and test in our Bristol workshop. 

     We also have a massive choice of copper pendant lights that would work in any kitchen, modern or traditional. We have a huge choice on display now in the showroom and a very helpful team of staff all trained in lighting and design. Should you need any advise or help please come and see us. We have been in business 46 years in Jan 2020 and customer service and product knolwedge are both very important to us as a company. Our showroom address should you want to make a visit is Ablectrics 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AX

    Finnaly as with any kitchen you will need your sockets, switches and power. Well we even have a range of copper sockets and wiring accessories. Including USB charging sockets which are ideal for a kitchen island or breakfast bar. Again these are on display throughout the showroom. We also offer trade and bulk buy discounts on all electrical supplies. We are part of the IBA buying group so we get the very best deals direct from the factories. We even offer a price match service on all our products, so you can be sure your getting the best deal.

    We also design and hand make our own unique range of industrial inspired lighting. Fraser Besant Lighting was started in 2014 and is now our most popular lighting. In the range we offer lots of copper and aged copper products. Including wall lights, pendants and downlights. These can be customized in any way. So people often enjoy picking the exact cable colour and choosing the cord grips and ceiling roses. We offer multi drop pendants, so you can suspend up to 7 lights from a single ceiling point. We also sell grey and copper coloured fabric cable and lampholders. Everything is made in Bristol and all our handmade lighting comes with a 10 year guarantee. 






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    Christmas party lighting ideas

    Posted on: 18 Dec 2019. Category: Xmas Party Light ideas

    Christmas Party Lighting ideas

    Festive Christmas and New Years Parties are all about light – the glow of the Christmas tree, the sparkly disco ball. the festoon along the garden pathways. So it makes sense to pay special attention to the lighting of these parties. Some occasions call for bright light, but a party isn’t one of them. Guests will feel relaxed and comfortable if the lights are a bit dimmer than usual. No need for overhead lights relying instead on lamps and other light sources. This creates an intimate atmosphere, encouraging everyone to open up and socialize. Many people enjoy a get together on Boxing day App controlled Twinkly Tree lights will keep your guests on their toes as you discreetly change the colours and effects.

    Image result for twinkly christmas lights

    LED Christmas Lights

    These strings of tiny bulbs aren’t just for the Christmas tree – they can be repurposed in all kinds of ways to light up a room for a holiday party. Turn party lights into ceiling lights: string them from one wall to another in straight lines, or from all the walls toward the center of the room, creating a sparkling star. Hang them from ceiling to floor to create a wall of light and hang panels of sheer fabric in front of them to soften the glow. 


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    Kitchen Lighting

    Posted on: 17 Dec 2019. Category: kitchen lighting

    Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchens are a hive of activity in the home and therefore the lighting can be one of the hardest rooms to get right, it is often the setting where the family gathers to eat, relax and socialise as well as simply prepare the food. Lighting your kitchen correctly will help you make sure the space is inviting and comfortable as well as functional, thus allowing for various activities ranging from food preparation to entertaining guests and perhaps even getting work done.Spliting the rooms into zones to highlight the rooms features helps this. Task lighting for food preparation, LED tape for mood lighting/wall wash, pendants for breakfast bars/dining tables.

    Image result for kitchen lighting elstead

    Task Lighting

    Task lighting is designed to create a shadow-free work environment when you're doing things around the kitchen, like cooking at the hob or chopping at a work surface. This is acheived in the most part with recessed downlights placed correctly in the ceiling and complimented by under pelmet lighting(LED tape or under cabinet spots). LED battens(that replace fluorescent fittings) also spread a large amount of light over an area.

    Image result for downlights in kitchen integral

    Mood Lighting

    Mood lighting is used to give a relaxing feel when a kitchen isn't being used for cooking or eating. LED tape can be placed above kitchen wall units shining light upwards to reflect back down, underneath the floor units within the kickboards and just at the top of a long plain wall. Colour changing tape can be used to create different atmospheres at the touch of a button.

    Image result for led strip in kitchen

    Pendant Lighting

    Pendants are used as a feature or statement piece that are usually placed above the sitting area. Glass Pendants, while still decorative, still give a large amount of light. Metal pendants will only light the area below them. Come and visit us in our bristol showroom where we have examples of all these on display and you can also see some of our ranges of switches and sockets including USB double sockets which keeps the socket clear from charging plugs. 


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    Electric Underfloor Heating stockists Bristol

    Posted on: 12 Dec 2019. Category: Electric Underfloor Heating stockists Bristol

    Electric Underfloor Heating stockists Bristol

    The eMat underfloor heating mat has a self-adhesive fibre glass backing mesh with a pre-attached ultra-thin twin conductor 3mm heating cable, ensuring minimal increase to the existing floor height. The function of the matting system is to provide a warm floor and not to heat the room. Superior product design ensures a speedy installation with an even heat across the complete floor surface, whilst allowing unlimited adjustment of the heating element to suit irregular formats. Available in outputs of 100w(timber base) or 150W(concrete base) /m2.

    eMat Pro

    eMat 100

    Can be installed under ceramic, porcelain, slate and natural stone tiles. When using laminate, engineered timber or vinyl floors a self-levelling compound should be used.


    eMat 150

    Can be installed under ceramic, porcelain, slate and natural stone tiles. When using laminate, engineered timber or vinyl floors a self-levelling compound should be used.


    If you're not sure of how to measure the available space to know which size mat you need we are more than hppy to help. Send us your dimensions or pop into our Bristol showroom and we can go though everything with you. 






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    Aico Stockists Bristol

    Posted on: 10 Dec 2019. Category: Aico Stockists Bristol

    Aico Stockists Bristol


    Aico, an Ei Company, is a market leader in domestic fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) protection, pioneering new technologies and offering high quality alarms designed, developed and manufactured at our factory in Shannon, Ireland. Aico alarms meet all UK standards with a wide range of sensor types to ensure every home is protected, and we offer expert technical support and advice on alarm selection, siting and installation as well as personalised specification documents and a dedicated installer training scheme, Expert Installer.

    What alarm types do I need?

    Alarm types, spoilt for choice and slightly confused when it comes to deciding what alarm type you need and which room you need to fit it in? With the changes to BS 5839:6-2019 they felt this was a good time to update some of their tools. A common question our technical teams are frequently asked is “What alarm type do I need?” Thier updated web-based Alarm Selector can guide you through this question and take you through a step by step online guide, enabling you to produce a mini specification.

    The mini specification gives you the following information:-

    1 Alarm System Type – Type of coverage your property needs.

    2 Alarm Types – Recommended Products.

    3 Alarm Features – Additional features such as AudioLINK & RadioLINK.

    4 System Control – Do you need a control switch for testing.

    5 Installation and Training – Do you need an Expert Installer to fit your alarms.

    6 Helpful house graphics – Showing which rooms are covered by which alarm.

    Once you have your specification, it can be downloaded or emailed directly to you, To use this useful tool please visit


    Here in stock we keep the 140 series(mains with 9v battery back up) and the newer 3000 series(mains with lithium battery back up), we can order all of their products if you do require something else. You can view the Aico Range here. We are open Monday to Friday 7am - 17:30 and Saturday 8am - 17:30. 






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    Best Lighting Showroom in Bristol

    Posted on: 05 Dec 2019. Category: Best Lighting Showroom in Bristol

    Best Lighting Showroom in Bristol

    Ablectrics Electrical wholesale has been situated on the Famous Gloucester Road for over 45 years, this brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts which makes us what we are today. As a wholesaler we have won multiple awards in the industry and we are using the same gusto for our lighting. The Lighting showroom has evolved over the years from a few small wall displays in our old trade counter to now the best lighting showroom locally. With Garden, Bathroom and a plethora of Indoor lighting including kitchen and bedroom on display you can usually find something you like. Getting to know our customers has played a large part in what items we have on display but, because there are so many about, our website has thousands of other fittings to choose from.

    Come and visit our award winning showroom in Bristol

    Rako Home Automation

    Lighting your home is the final touch to any decorating which can make a room, Rako home automation gives you the control to dim, set moods or just turn on and off with the touch or a button(from either a wireless controller or a App). Rako has receivers for all types of lighting including LED tape and can also control blinds. We have a working display here in the showroom with various different circuits to showcase this control.

    Image result for rako home automation

    Handmade Lighting

    Our sister company Fraser Besant Lighting is all about handmade products. Finishes produced here in Bristol this range of pendants and wall lights are unrivalled in design. All these products can be mixed and matched to create unique roomsets. The newest addition to this range is Handmade Velvet Drum Shades, available in 6 colours(with 2 different inserts) and 2 sizes there is plently of choice. We also have a huge choice of LED's to suit including the decorative LED filament range.

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    Animal Lamps

    Posted on: 03 Dec 2019. Category: Animal Lamps

    Animal Lamps

    It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for animals here at Ablectrics (We have a couple of dogs that are with us most of the week and they regularly go out on local deliveries with us, see our twitter page for some of their adventures) we have found many different quirky and electric animal inspired novelty lights that both brighten and create a statement in your home. From bestselling monkey's to Mouse lamps, we’ve got something to suit all animal lovers.

    Image result for seletti

    Seletti Stockists Bristol

    Seletti lighting, from its very first year in 1964, Seletti has followed its principle of professionality service and constant research to strive for betterness, innovation and originality. The company focuses on design projects and on creative characteristic Italian excellence. Their famous Monkey lamps our on display now in our Bristol Showroom and are a great Christmas gift idea. Coupled with the Bird or mouse lamps makes for a eclectic mix for any games room, man cave or even nursey

    Image result for seletti logo

    Bespoke Lamps

    Some of our Animal lamps have been created by us, yes we even design and handmake our own range of lights. Our popular sitting Chimpanzee has now been accompanied by a smaller standing Baby Chimp and both can be seen in our shop (or in a few others along the Gloucester Road). Our big sitting chimp is currently wearing his Christmas santa hat so if you want to come in and get your children's picture next to him please feel free. If you have something you would like made into a lamp please contact us. We have converted many household objects into novelty lamps and can usually come up with an idea you'll love.


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