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    Hudson Valley Lighting Stockists

    Posted on: 26 Nov 2019. Category: Hudson Valley Lighting Stockists

    Hudson Valley Lighting Stockists view the full range online click here

    We are a UK stockists of this inspired brand of designer lighting from America. Buy any of their lights on our website now. Nationwide delivery service and secure checkout available. We are a family run 45 year old lighting showroom. If you are an interior designer or tradesman dont forget to apply for a trade account with ahead us of placing your order. 

    Hudson Valley Lighting is part of a group of 4 Industry-recognised Brands which are untied by common principles: the pursuit of excellence, a design-driven culture, attention to ever-changing environmental considerations, and commitment to the highest possible quality. Leveraging a deep network of engineering skills and capabilities, The family of brands push the envelope with each new collection while responding with agility to market demands. Whether you’re trying to find the perfect sconce to raise the game in a powder room or specifying lighting for an entire new build, the brands offer something for every space. Hudson Valley Lighting spans a diverse range of styles and their pieces are at once historically informed and ahead of trend. The brand's core idea is the "out-of-box-experience"—an immediately apparent sense of built-to-last quality.

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    History of Hudson Valley

    At an early age, David Littman saw how beauty could transform your experience of the everyday. His mother had a passion for antiques, and he would join her ‘treasure hunts’ for them, learning about quality and the importance of details along the way. An aesthetic person, David carried this insight into a pursuit of excellence with the lighting company he created in the 1980s. With an infectious enthusiasm for the intersecting worlds of art, business, and design, David’s entrepreneurial spirit presided over nearly four decades of growth and recognition for his company, Hudson Valley Lighting, and the companies he acquired and revitalized in the early 2000s: Corbett Lighting and Troy Lighting. With the creation of Mitzi by HVL and the construction of new facilities in recent years, David is not sitting behind a desk as Founder and President, but remains heavily involved in the day-to-day operations and long-term vision of the Hudson Valley Lighting Group.

    A Lighting Family

    David's history in lighting actually dates back many years before his own birth. In 1939, William Littman, a Brooklyn-based inventor and David's grandfather, was greatly inspired by the fluorescent lighting introduced to the mainstream building industry at the New York World's Fair. By 1947, what began as a garage-based business had grown substantially and the Littman family moved upstate to expand operations in the Hudson River Valley. David's own apprenticeship to the lighting industry began when he was in high school and started working in the warehouse of his father's commercial lighting factory. Though David soon moved to Boston to attend BU and earn a Bachelor's in Accounting, he returned each summer to resume duties in the family business. After graduating from George Washington in 1985 with an MBA in finance, David decided to come home and build his career in Orange County. At only twenty-three, David took the helm of his own business in the Newburgh, NY location where Hudson Valley Lighting continued to reside for the next three decades before moving to Wappingers Falls.

    New Products

    In addition to the materials you've begun to see like Spanish alabaster, leather, and rattan, ceramics and wood have been given a lot of space in this new collection. Ceramics occupy a central role in our expanded portables offering, especially, but they also extend into pendants! Working with furniture specialists, we've sourced and selected supple woods. 

    Soft industrial

    One of those wooden pieces is an industrial shape given more warmth and a whole new aesthetic through the new material choices. Throughout this soft industrial look subset of our new families, you'll find familiar forms recast with unexpected materials and patterns. The idea here is giving an aesthetic decorative element that softens these machine age designs for the home. The longevity of the designs of this epoch is a testament to the utility of the fixtures and the elegance of the forms. These reimaginings make them contemporary and add subtle details which make for superior luminaires.

    Crystal pieces

    Hudson Valley built its brand on cleaned-up classics. Here, we're going back to some more antique fixtures and again stripping them of filigree. Masters of glass, we're exploring crystal, which obviously has a long, rich history with decorative lighting. The fun here is how we approach it. How does a classic crystal piece with simplified design and a more streamlined presentation fit into a contemporary space? If all the decorative elements in a room are having a conversation, what do they add to the conversation? 

    While we continue to look to the past for sources of inspiration, we're a forward-looking company making tomorrow's heirlooms. In our new collection, we aspire to make some unique designs that people in the future will look to and use for inspiration.

    The Hudson Valley range can be viewed here and it is currently increasing daily as we add them to our site.



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    Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Posted on: 20 Nov 2019. Category: Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Bathroom Lighting Showroom In Bristol

    Since our shop revamp in 2014 our Lighting showroom has constantly been kept up todate with the latest designs and products, with over 250 lights on display you have plenty of choice for lighting your home. We're going to concentrate on Bathroom lighting here and we'll start off with recessed downlights. Downlights are the most common way to light your bathroom, discreet, practical and safe(IP65 and can be used directly above the shower in zone 1) they light your bathroom for practical use. The integral Evofire downlight is the thinnest of them all with a 1mm bezel and coupled with their LED GU10 you have a perfect match. 

    Flush Ceiling Lights

    It's not always possible to install recessed downlights(due to access in the ceiling above) so the alternative is flush ceiling lighting, Decorative, Round spotlights or just LED Bulkheads there are plenty for you to choose from whether its for your main bathroom, an en suite or a rental property. These main lights can be complimented by mood lighting, illuminated mirrors or low level marker lights can be used to create a relaxling atmosphere while having a bath instead of a ceiling light shining straight into your eyes. LED tape can also be used around vanity units, mirrors, shelves or even the bath itself.

    Image result for bathroom designs searchlight

    Extractor Fans

    Ventilation is a important part of your bathroom and can help to keep it looking like the day it was installed. There are various fans with various extract rates that does require a little bit of thought when choosing which one to use. You have wall/celing mounted fans or Inline. Inline fans are hidden away in the ceiling and you only have a thin grill in the room itself, wall fans come in 2 types(axial or centrifugal) and move the air differently. Centrifugal are more powerful and therfore suited for bigger bathrooms or those that have longer runs of ducting. All these fans have various control methods, standard on/off, timer, humidistat(or combinations are the 3). The Vent Axia Svara wall mounted fan gives you all of these options in the press of a button. It's an app control fan(via Bluetooth) and setting it up to work how you want it too is easy. 

    Our showroom is located on the famous Gloucester Road in bristol and we are open 6 days a week until 17:30, weekdays we open at 7am and offer a trade discount for those in the Building trade. 









  • Integral LED Stockist

    Posted on: 18 Nov 2019. Category: Integral LED Stockist

    Integral LED Stockist

    Integral LED division has been created to sell and support LED lighting products by building on our 28 years of experience in technology and semiconductor products. An LED chip and the chips used to make memory products are both semiconductors. We are meeting the challenge to create a comprehensive range of well-priced, innovative LED products that perform, saving you energy and money, as well as benefiting the environment. With over 100 million products sold through thousands of retailers and resellers in the last few years, a lot of progress has been made since Integral Memory plc started in 1989, with a simple aim of bringing the latest high quality technology products to market at competitive prices. The chances are, you are already using an Integral product at your home or work. Integral LED is delivering the same simple aim. Our product managers take great care in developing the right LED products for the right application in terms of quality, function and reliability. Technicians at our in-house Light Lab work hard to thoroughly check performance data. Our mission is to have a suitable low-energy LED product wherever there is a need for light.

    Image result for integral led

    Latest LED Technologly

    Integral LED lamps/bulbs are constructed using the latest LED technology and best LED components making our range the right choice for any lighting requirement. They offer a wide range of lamps for commercial and residential use offering excellent energy savings when compared to halogen or incandescent equivalent products, From G4 capsules to Vintage Decorative they have all the replacements a home could need. Their GU10 range have a superior light output and offer excellent energy savings of up to 85% when compared to halogen equivalent products, GU10s are more commonly used in the home, in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. It is also the ideal lamp for commercial use in restaurants, hospitals and general shop lighting to enhance product appearance and are designed to retrofit easily into existing GU10 halogen lamp downlight fittings.


    Offering Both Dedicated and GU10 downlights it gives you the best components to offer a range of solutions for recessed installation in both commercial and residential applications. The Evofire Fire Rated Downlight is a safe and attractive fitting for a GU10 LED lamp. The patented "canless" design of the Evofire does not conceal your lamp in a large metal canister, which can trap some of the heat it generates, lowering lamp lifetime and performance. Lamps installed in an Evofire run at up to 10 degrees C cooler than a typical can-style fire rated downlight from leading LED brands - this can extend the lifetime of your lamps. As well being very tough thanks to its steel construction, The Evofire is also a highly aesthetic choice for Fire Rated lighting. The 1mm blend-in bezel is up to 10 times thinner than typical IP65 rated downlights and fits almost flush with your ceiling, so the downlight looks discreet and pleasing in any setting. The Evofire is available in a range of colours and finishes, with round and square models available as well as recessed options so the lamp sits higher in the ceiling, reducing glare. Models are available with insulation guards so roof insulation can be safely laid on top of the downlight.

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    Di-Log Test equipment Stockist Bristol

    Posted on: 15 Nov 2019. Category: Di-Log Test equipment Stockist Bristol

    Di-Log Test equipment Stockist Bristol

    Di-Log Test Equipment offers a comprehensive range of test equipment from a voltage indicator to 18th Edition and Thermal Imaging to portable appliance testing kits. All Di-Log instruments are designed and manufactured to the highest quality specification and you can be assured that all manufacturing processes adhere to internationally recognised standards. Di-Log instruments are accurate, safe and rugged – you won’t find a better balance between cost and fitness for purpose.


    18th Edition Testers

    Di-log 18th Edition Multifunction Testers are fully compliant to the latest standards set by BS7671 fitted with the latest instrument technology, The ALL NEW DL911x Series Multifunction Tester has been designed to fully comply with the testing requirements of the 18th Edition. It also incorporates many of the features that we have come to expect with modern MFTs. It is designed to be worn around the neck with a comfortable harness, for easy function selecting and testing. The DL9110 is the entry level instrument in the series packed full of features, such as a Auto Start Loop & Continuity, the UK’s largest colour changing RGB LCD display screen indicating error, Auto RCD test with Ramp feature and has Full Range Protection if tester is accidentally connected to voltage on a dead test.  The DL9110 also comes complete with a toolbox style carry case and full calibration certificate.

    DL9110 MFT

    Voltage & continuity Testers

    Thier range of CombiVolt voltage testers are designed to measure AC/DC voltages and continuity. Most models provide LED indication, an audible tone or a combination of both while others have a digital display to give an exact reading, all testers have a non RCD Trip feature. The CombiVolt™ Voltage & Continuity Tester with Phase Rotation Test gives you a three-in-one tester with a rugged, ergonomically formed housing for perfect handling.

    DL6780 CombiVolt 1

    Digital Multimeters

    Digital multimeters (DMM’s) are great for measuring parameters on electrical circuits. Rather than having separate instruments, why not choose one of our handheld digital multimeters and easily measure AC/DC voltages, current, resistance and other electrical parameters. The Mini Multimeter – A mini multimeter with a high contrast 4000 count LCD display. Includes non contact voltage detection and torch. All these products mentioned, and more, are now in stock in our Bristol Store for collection or online ordering.



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    Unusual Lighting Shop

    Posted on: 14 Nov 2019. Category: Unusual Lighting Shop

    Unusual Lighting Shop

    Unusual Lighting can be anything from fun and funky to unique centre pieces. The idea is to create a talking point but still getting the light you need for the room. Ablectrics has, over the years, sourced a selection of different suppliers that have these types of fittings. Seletti Lighting are an Italian firm that has been producing lights involving animals, objects and even food since 1964. Inspiration comes from pop imagery contemporary and modern art, from design and the natural world creating a collection adaptive to rendering a space very special. Their range of Monkey lamps are recoginizable throughout europe and our in store displays very popular pieces.

    Image result for seletti elephant lamp

    Desk and free standing Lamps

    Seletti's other animal lamps include elephants and mice, The 3 styles of mice have a attitude of their own and are always hiding in different parts or our Bristol Showroom(although easy to spot with a LED light shining from them).We have created our own animal lamps to compliment the Monkey's with 2 styles of Chimpanzee lights, a large sitting chimp and a smaller standing baby chimp each supplied with one of our decorative LED lamps. The mice are always hiding becuase of the bird lamps waiting to pounce from above, with wall, or free standing, they can be placed to overlook the procedings(and to light a shelf or a picture).

    Christmas gift ideas

    These unusal lights are not just used for living areas, many people use them in their home offices, man caves, child's nursery or even bars and can make great gifts for loved ones for Christmas or birthdays. If you are thinking of buying these for presents we do keep a lot of them in stock for collection or delivery. As with the usual christmas rush, orders placed earlier in the run up will have more time to reach you. Come visit us in our Bristol Showroom to look at these pieces for youself, open Monday to Saturday. We are always on hand to help and advise with lighting and design ideas. Having been trading for 45 years we know waht our customers want, and our customer service is second to none. 




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    Best Place To Buy Christmas Lights In Bristol

    Posted on: 13 Nov 2019. Category: Best Place To Buy Christmas Lights In Bristol

    Best Place To Buy Christmas Lights In Bristol

    We our now in our 45th year of buisness and have some great contacts and sources of the best and coolest light fittings. Every year we always strive to find new and exiting lights for our customers to light their homes over the festive period. This year we have some amazing new lights and are really exited to show off what we have found.

    So when you are ready for your Christmas Lights please come and see us in the showroom. We have a great choice comprimising of Mains powered energy efficient LED lights. Being LED means a very long life and no lamps to change every year, which saves you time next year having to find out which bulb may or may not have failed on the older sets. Or putting the set up on the tree in working order then it causing issues the week before the big day. So when your thinking of Christmas lighting then we are here to help and ready when you are. Our showroom is based on the famous Gloucester Road, address below.We are open all day on Saturday and their is lots to see and do on the high street. So please support your independant buisness this year and come down.


    Showroom Address

    Ablectrics 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol, BS7 8AX

    So a quick over view of whats on offer here this year. We have had a productive year and have lots of new and exiting branded lighting.


    Classic warm white LED christmas lights

    We have in stock the Premier branded Supabright warm white sets(in various lengths from 100 to the extra long 480) which are have a small LED capsule on a Green cable and are all suitable for outside use. We have sold this brand of christmas light for over 5 years and have had nothing but great reviews. The lights are discreet and offer  a soft warm white light. We have these on display around the showroom and they are in stock now. They come with a inline control meaning you can makes the lights chase, flash, twinkly or fade. Ideal for indoor or outdoor lighting these are by far the most popular choice of light. 

    Konstsmide Christmas Lighting stockists

    This year we have a new range of Konstsmide branded LED Christmas Lights that look just like the older retro versions(in multi-coloured) and the LEDs can be replaced as well. These new stes look just like the old fairy lights and have that classic retro look. Having been asked many times in the past if we could still source the old fairy lights we were very happy to finnaly find these. You honestly could not tell the difference. So you get the look and feel of the traditional fairy lights that everyone loved but all the benefits of them being LED. A win win!!

    Konstsmide also have some Pigmy style LED 20 sets at 5 metre long again suitable for outside use, IP44 but the plug must be inside(or in a waterproof box), and their battery sets which have a 6 hour timer to turn themselves off to save the batteries. Below are some pictures of these lights but we do have them all on display now in the showroom. So why not come and see us and make sure you pick the right lights for your home.

    Twinkly RGB app controlled lighting

    We also became a stockist of Twinkly branded lighting, they make a modern range of colour changing lights that you can control from an app on your phone. It tooks us several months to secure the account and get them at the right price point to compete with online sellers but it was worth the effort. Twinkly is the revolutionary LED light string that brings the most advanced technology to your Christmas decorations. It combines super-bright, multicolor addressable RGB LEDs, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth enabled light controller and a state-of-the art smartphone application, able to perform customized effects and amazing animations easily and quickly. Twinkly offers a wide variety of effects, ready to be played and customized, and full access to the online gallery, where new effects and animations can always be downloaded.

    Custom made to measure festoon lighting

    Bespoke Festoon, Our festoon lighting is UV rated so it won’t degrade in the sunlight and can be left outside all year round. We can supply this made to measure. All you have to do is email/call us with the exact run and the number of holders you want to use and we will send you a quote. Please allow 5-7 days for a order. The festoon kit is supplied less lamp but we have loads of options for lamps inc a huge range of LED decorative filament lamps.

    Again we discuss this with you in more detail if you want to call us 01179425355. We are open 6 days a week and are always happy to help.  


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    100w Light Bulbs in stock

    Posted on: 12 Nov 2019. Category: 100w Light Bulbs in stock

    100w Light Bulbs in stock

    Ablectrics has a small amount of 100w ES incandescent Light bulbs still in stock. Originally banned in 2009 and with the various phase out being replaced by Low energy Light bulbs we are getting towards the end of our stocks.

    2700 kelvin in colour to give you the warm white look and ranging from 1000-1600 lumen the LED replacements we now have are giving you the same light you are used to at a fraction of the energy used. Some people however see flickering from these(and some Fluorescents) which incandescent bulbs don't have. 

    We are offering these remaining lamps individually, packs of 10 or packs of 20 so take advantage before they disappear forever. Come visit us in our Bristol Showroom and take some away today

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    Nest Smart Home stockists in Bristol

    Posted on: 07 Nov 2019. Category: Nest Smart Home

    We are a Nest Smart Home stockists

    For too long, the smart home hasn’t been very smart. It’s complicated to set up and manage, with a lot of different devices that don’t work well together. So we’re simplifying things and bringing together all Nest and Google Home products under one roof. Introducing Google Nest. Welcome to the helpful home. Security, entertainment or just energy an Lighitng Nest has you covered. Run your home without lifting a finger, whether you’re cooking dinner, folding laundry or playing with the children, control compatible lights, appliances and morewith just your voice. 

    Hello Nest Doorbell

    Nest Hello lets you know who's there, so you'll never miss a thing. It replaces your existing wired doorbell, and delivers HD video and bright, crisp images, even at night. It's designed to show you everything on your doorstep – people head to toe or parcels on the ground. And with 24/7 streaming, you can check in at any time. Or go back and look at a 3-hour snapshot history to see what happened.Nest Hello can tell the difference between a person and a thing, then alert you. With Nest Aware, it can also let you know if it spots a stranger or someone you know.Say hello, even when you can't. HD Talk and listen reduces ambient noise so that visitors come through loud and clear. And when you can't answer, quick responses let you reply to visitors with different pre-recorded messages.4:3 HD video designed to show people head to toe. The HDR video shows sharp details, even in bright and dark areas with a IPX4 rating. Your video stays safely in the cloud. We encrypt our connections. Keep data safe and private. And we work hard to protect your information.

    undefined Image 0

    Nest Hub

    See your life in one view, and get things done hands-free. Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home. With Voice Match, get your calendar, commute, reminders and more right on the home screen. You can even get the news, make a shopping list, and place calls to friends, family and local businesses. "Hey Google, show me my calendar. " Voice-control compatible lights, cameras, TVs and more from a single dashboard. Works with Nest and 200+ smart devices from 50+ popular brands.Ask questions and get visual, immersive answers from Google on weather, recipes, local business info, and more. You can even watch helpful videos from YouTube. "Hey Google, show me how to tie a tie. " Use your voice to play your fave songs, albums and music videos from YouTube Music.You can also listen to Spotify and radio stations for free. Use your voice to show your pics in Google Photos. And, see your photo albums even when your display is not in use. Compatible with Bluetooth, as well as android and iOS devices.

    undefined Image 0


    Nest Thermostat

    Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn't it help you save energy? The Nest Learning Thermostat does. It gets to know the temperature that you like while you're at home, and turns itself down when you're away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy that it needs. Now the Nest Thermostat does something new, called Farsight. It will light up to tell you the temperature, weather or time.You can also control your hot water tank with the Nest Thermostat. It comes with a hot water schedule – just adjust it from the Nest app. You can boost the heat so that you have extra hot water if you want it.The Nest App shows you how much energy you use every day in Energy History, and every month in your Home Report. So you can see when you use more energy, such as at the weekend or Monday nights, and how to use less.

    undefined Image 0

    Ablectrics will be shortly stocking these products(and more), Feel free to come in to our Bristol Showroom and chat to us about them when they are available


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    Glass Ball Pendant Stockists

    Posted on: 01 Nov 2019. Category: Glass Ball Pendant Stockists

    Glass Ball Pendant Stockists

    Glass Pendants are ideal for open plan areas, The clear shades are perfect to brighten any room without obstructing any views. The glass ball pendants we have on display in our Bristol showroom come in clear, smoked or amber and finished with a chrome lampholder(antique Brass with the amber glass version). Each finish is available in 3 sizes

    All 3 finishes work perfectly with the LED decorative bulbs we have available, specifically the Squirrel cage lamp. These lamps give you the warm glow you want in a living area without losing any quality of light. The smoked effect contrasts beautifully against this accenting the brightness of the glow, the amber glass is suitable for any classically styled home seeking a modern update.

    These modern glass pendants are very popular in open plan kitchen spaces, three over the kitchen isand then one large one sat over the family dining table really make a statement, If you are planning a refurbushment or even a full house build we can help with your lighting design. Our designer can be met in store or travel to you(reasonably local to Bristol). Please contact us for details


Free 0800 180 4509 7AM-5.30PM
[email protected] | 131 Gloucester Road, Bristol. BS7 8AX
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